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30 Tools That No Designer Can Live Without

Designers are extremely busy people. Fact. Not only do they have to make time to find inspiration for their next project, manage feedback, attend meetings, and communicate with their clients, they also have to find the time to actually sit down and do the work. Let’s not forget the time and effort they have to […]

5 Fantastic Alternatives to Photoshop

In this post, I have listed down 5 of the most fantastic alternatives to Photoshop that you can use with relative ease and freedom

The Best Photography Twitter Accounts

First thing first: If you don’t know already Twitter is awesome. There’s no better way to keep in touch with almost everybody and everything, because Twitter gives you almost every little new thing in a matter of seconds. Yes, Twitter is pretty big, especially if you don’t know what you looking for, and therefore today […]

Beautiful Easter Wallpapers

It’s well known fact that Easter is one of the best holiday after Christmas and New Year. It’s one of greatest event in year, and we endeavour our finest to give you the best ideas to have a good time on Easter with full of fun using some excellent collection of Easter wallpapers. Easter Backgrounds […]

Top 3 Free Editing Programs for Photographers

If you are short on cash and can’t quite afford the price tag of software such as Photoshop, fear not, as there are plenty of free editing programs available that will do just the job. Here are our top three programs for budding photographers: GIMP Available for PC and Mac, the GNU Image Manipulation Program […]

Photoshop tutorial: Iris Blur – Depth of Field

If you want to take the photos with shallow depth of field you are going to need some nice lenses, or some very luxurious camera. But, if you are lacking those things do not despair because it is possible to digitally imitate shallow depth of field using our favorite piece of software called Adobe Photoshop. It will […]

Top 3 Software Apps for Web Designers

In the wonderful world of web design, it pays to have the right tools in your kit to enable you get the job done as quickly and professionally as possible. Aside from planning the layout and sketching navigation to give your users a clear, simple and flawless experience, you need to ensure all aspects of […]

10 Best Photo Editing Apps

If you don’t have time to transfer your photos from smartphone to computer for little bit of editing, but you want to get ingenious with your photos as fast as you can, then without a doubt apps are the best thing for you. We choose 10 best photo editing apps that let you add filters, […]

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