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Best 6 Photoshop Techniques For Creating-Awesome Design

Below is a summary of the latest helpful techniques and tutorials from Adobe Photoshop. I sincerely hope that in Photoshop, at least some of the techniques presented will help users develop skills in graphic design. For developers, here are 6 Killer Adobe Photoshop Tips

Thinking Of Starting A Business? Set Yourself Up For Success

If you are thinking of starting a business, then you need to make sure you have thought this through. You can’t just set up a business with no regard for the way things work and how you can ensure it succeeds. Did you know that over 90% of startups fail? You don’t want to be […]

Removing Objects with the Patch Tool in Photoshop

The patch tool in Photoshop is one of the fundamental elements that set this fantastic program apart from the rest. Being able to remove an object from an image is one of the primary benefits of using Photoshop. The patch tool is the easiest way to do that. In combination with the Spot Healing Brush […]

5 Content Marketing Tools to Increase Webpage Traffic

What makes a business thrive or what causes a boost in sales? Apart from the essential commodities, what makes a product sell? The answer is good marketing. Source In this age of technology, there is an increasing online presence of businesses of varying domains who want to be heard and seen. So, what needs to […]

How To Create A Professional Web Layout In Photoshop

The process to design clean and effective web design is more than essential for every website designer. Especially, when you need to work on photoshop to create a layout for your dream website, it can be overwhelming to work on it. Therefore, to make it more convenient for you to create a unique and responsive […]

Latest Photoshop Tips & Tricks – 2018

Photoshop is professional graphics software that offers almost endless possibilities. There are several versions of this software, the most successful being Photoshop CS5. This software highly recommended by SEO agency or magento development, is used by a large number of professionals: architects, designers, illustrators, cartographers … It allows reworking the photo, to perform a photomontage […]

5 Tips to Perform Perfect Image Retouching

Photography is an art learned not only by the way a photographer spends time learning to capture images but the outcome of a good photography depends how well the photographer finessed that image to bring perfection. Photography may collaborate many perspectives pertaining to the image, but a deed to remember in all photography jobs is […]

HDR Basics: A Fast & Dirty Run Down On Creating High Dynamic Range Images In Photoshop

What is HDR Imaging, and what’s all the fuss about it? High-dynamic-range imaging (HDRI) is a technique used to create images with a wider dynamic range of luminosity than is possible with standard digital or photographic techniques. The aim is to reproduce the same range of luminance as the human eye. Our natural vision can constantly adjust to translate the broadest possible range of […]

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