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Post Production Edits to Improve Your Photographs

With such a wide range of post-production editing software now on the market, available for desktop computers, tablets and smartphones, more photographers are looking to enhance the quality of their images after uploading them. However, the number of features available on programmes like Adobe Photoshop can be overwhelming, meaning it can be easy to either […]

David LaFerriere’s Drawings

Absolutely fantastic! How many ideas and how much of imagination .. That commitment to work and family  can go together prove David LaFerriere, a father who every morning draws their children. But not on paper 🙂 He draws on the lunch-bags of his two sons. David (graphic designer) wanted to use his ability to illustrate […]

Valentine’s Day Cards

One of the important features of love is giving away gifts for the loving ones. It would be nice to be such innovative and have always new and fresh ideas what to present; sometimes we experience a lack of these ideas. However, postcards seems to be an universal gift, for various occasions. Here we have […]

Creative Christmas Cards

Sending Christmas cards during this festive time has a long tradition, however, due to the modern technical devices there are less and less people who send a real Christmas card for their loved. The Internet has contributed to the situation that the interest in real Christmas cards weakens, because it is faster to send an e-mail or sms. Despite this, Christmas cards do have something special. They seem to have their own story, each carrying a specific message. As if they have a soul. Another prove they are more valuable then an instant message or e-mail is that sending them require time and effort. With that, we show that we appreciate and care for someone. This is exactly what should be in the center of this holiday. Love and care. These feelings, moreover, can be expressed in other forms. It is also very popular to transform a photo to canvas. It is also a beautiful present for all your beloved in these festive times.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer for Your Wedding

There’s an understandable rumor floating around that an expensive camera makes you a professional photographer. After all, the more buttons and options mean there’s more control. Even accidentally shooting the ground looks better on a professional camera than on a point-and-shoot. Source With this simple error in thought, people begin planning their wedding and decide […]

A Showcase of Happy Photographs from Pinterest

The internet is so cram-packed with wonderful imagery and ideas that it can be hard to keep track of everything you love. That’s where Pinterest comes in. This increasingly popular website serves as a virtual pinboard, allowing its members to collect everything from their favourite recipes and future hairstyles to dream holiday destinations and motivational […]

Why Use a Compact DSLR Camera?

Using a single lens reflex camera is something which will give you a much better picture quality. Even in the days before digital cameras, professionals would always use a single lens reflex camera to get a better quality of picture. When digital photography came along, there were not many affordable single lens reflex options and […]

Stockfresh – Royalty Free Stock Photos, Graphics and Vector Illustrations

From the perspective of a consumer, the quality of desirable goods is in the first place. Of course, availability is also important. If we consider buying a stock photo, ease of finding also plays a significant role. “Stockfresh” photo agency offers us both. Moreover, offers us many other useful features. Let us see some of […]

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