The Best Photography Twitter Accounts

The Best Photography Twitter Accounts

First thing first: If you don't know already Twitter is awesome. There's no better way to keep in touch with almost everybody and everything, because Twitter gives you almost every little new thing in a matter of seconds. Yes, Twitter is pretty big, especially if you don't know what you ...

First thing first: If you don’t know already Twitter is awesome. There’s no better way to keep in touch with almost everybody and everything, because Twitter gives you almost every little new thing in a matter of seconds. Yes, Twitter is pretty big, especially if you don’t know what you looking for, and therefore today we made a list of the best photography Twitter accounts so you can follow them, and be inspired and try to do something creative. This list is must-visit for all photographers and many other who took interest in photography.

1. @EarthPix
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This Twitter account is full of amazing pictures of places, people, animals, and nature. There are around one million followers, and it contains a spectacular compilation of the gorgeousness that populates the Earth’s exterior. Its travel catalogue and environment documentary in one, this Twitter account offers a serene break from the everyday stress, and it will remind you that planet Earth is a beautiful astonishing place.

2. @HistoryInPics
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If you want to travel back in time this twitter account is right thing for you. There are plenty of historical moments there captured in pictures, no matter of time and place. Some photos dating as far as 1800s and they are pretty amazing. This account has more then one million followers, and it’s updated on daily basis.

3. @LIFE
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One of the most popular magazines in the world ever is on Twitter. There are endless unbelievable stories and precious photographs from the LIFE archive. With almost two million followers, @LIFE is one of the most popular accounts about photography. Basically, this is the more or less same thing as History in Pictures, but here you can look at with the first-class photos from LIFE magazine.

4. @NASAGoddardPix
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Well, this is by far the most amazing photo feed on Twitter. It is the official image/video account for @NASAGoddard. There are plenty amazing photos of outer space, and our little planet as seen from up there. Some pictures are familiar landmarks, such as Cape Cod from beyond, at the same time as others from the distant reaches of the space look like intangible creations from some Sci-Fi blockbuster.

5. @big_picture
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This Twitter account is a photo blog created by the photo editors of The Boston Globe. The focus of this feed is on news and photo journalism from all around the globe. It follows all current events, so you always get a fresh photo from the face of the place.

6. @Photoshop
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Adobe set the standards in the digital photo industry. Photoshop is the most popular piece of software and it’s been used by professionals worldwide for design, photography, video editing & more. If you are looking for some help while making your own photos then this is the right place for you, because official Adobe account offers tips, tricks and tutorials for Photoshoppers of all skill levels. You can get guidance on vital Photoshop techniques and many more. It’s a must-visit for all photo fans.

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