40 Amazing Examples of Sky Photography

40 Amazing Examples of Sky Photography

When you wake up,probably the first thing that you see is sky.And i think all of us love to watch sky, especially when there are some clouds.It’s great view,and also it’s beautiful. That is small description about photos you can see below.All these photos are collected here from DeviantART, so if you want to see more examples of sky photography,go there,and enjoy.

_skY__by_me_inside515 7069076ca0e63d9bba6dfdc8581c8fb9 f47ea2950a9cbdbbe8b214fc1b3118cd OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Fire_in_the_sky_by_CSnyder Fire_in_the_sky_by_takara13 in_the_sky_by_0Silver0 In_the_Sky_by_Bonniiieeeee In_The_Sky_by_ryano292 Morning_Sky_2_by_numbpurplehaze Moroccan_Sky_by_GreenEyedHarpy Night_Sky_by_EPICHTEKILL Paint_my_sky porcelain_sky_by_foureyes See_The_Sky_by_ryano292 Sky____by_Nazagal Sky_artistry_by_PierreDevlin Sky_Artistry_finale_Goodbye_by_PierreDevlin sky_by_BEhoLDerOFblESseDSIn Sky_by_chocolateir_stock sky_by_DianaFernandes_stock sky_by_Fu11Co11apse Sky_by_ilpavone2004 sky_by_matrija_stock Sky_by_Nicko_D sky_by_noitiv sky_by_piisii Sky_by_poezja sky_by_ponter Sky_by_RockerRose sky_by_sereniity Sky_by_tgrq Sky_by_Tokiox483xFery Sky_four_by_numbpurplehaze Sky_of_fire_by_PierreDevlin The_Sky_by_be_yoself The_sky_turns_vivid_by_NKeo To_stay_dry_Under_the_sky_by_gilad

Celebrity Caricature Inspirations

Celebrity Caricature Inspirations

These are very famous people, and whole world knows them. I made a collection of the best caricatures, including all famous people i know, and few others. Pictures are collected from www.deviantart.com and if you want more pictures, go there and check their talented artists. Btw. sit down in your armchair and enjoy in these illustrations…


0f3e1027d12ccdd8833da21b5cdd06ec  Beckham_caricature_by_aaronwty Brad_Pitt_Caricature____by_Norke Bruce_Lee_caricature_by_AndrewMok Bruce_Willis_Charicature_by_YngveMartinussen Caricature___Thierry_Henry_by_spinor Caricature_of_Angelina_Jolie_by_cheatingly Dr__Jones_Caricature_by_crisdelara04 Dr_HOUSE_caricature_by_macpulenta  e22fa19bbea88f76 Jules_Winnfield_by_mase0ne Julia_Roberts_caricature_by_shlomit Justin_Timberlake_caricature_by_shlomit Kanye_West_by_jasonseiler  Marilyn_Monroe_Caricature_by_manohead Men_in_Black_by_thegryph Morgan_Freeman_Caricature_by_haydentarr Rambo_by_bangalore_monkey Robert_De_Niro_Caricature_by_GuillermoRamirez Rooney_Caricature_by_Kromespawn  Severus_Snape_caricature_by_efdemon

T_Pain_for_KING_magazine_by_jasonseiler ThE_JOkeR___Caricature_by_isaacbraz Vin_Diesel_Caricature_by_Rogs73


30 Beautiful Moon Inspirations

30 Beautiful Moon Inspirations

Every person in the world knows what is moon,where and when it is visible.These are some great inspirations that are done in photoshop. None of these are real,but some of them looks almost like real.I think you will love this collection,and if you love this, share it with friend they will love this too.All images i found on DeviantART.com, so if you want to see original authors,or get more moon inspirations,go there!

___the_moon____by_natyismyhero ___With_The_Phases_Of_The_Moon_by_ElementalSpirits 473f1237f011ea20ef8f894fa01b5f0e 0117450c24496c177eec1806404aa0bd b79c20c64b70b7213f061317abfd6a81 Blue_Moon__by_mistressofthmidnight  Blue_moon_by_StamatisGR Crescent_Moon_by_racependleton Hunter__s_Moon_by_Sveinjo Moon_by_Djsanka Moon_by_Eredel moon_by_nyktalgia Moon_by_ooOIndreOoo Moon_Eclipse_HDR_by_HDRenesys Moon_Fairy_II_by_Cinnamoncandy Moon_Goddess_by_Silverayn Moon_on_the_moon_by_Tenaga Purple_Moon_by_Pygar Space___The_Moon_by_InertiaK the_moon The_moon_by_Luumanfoo29 The_Moon_by_randis the_moon_by_xaniii To_the_moon_by_easybeeze To_the_Moon_by_Voyager212 Wolf_and_Crow_with_Full_Moon_by_derSheltieebdcfa0ab86bf937

60 Amazing Pictures Inspired By Harry Potter Movie

60 Amazing Pictures Inspired By Harry Potter Movie

The Harry Potter film series is based on the seven Harry Potter novels by British author J. K. Rowling and, when complete, will consist of eight fantasy-adventure films starring Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson.

Warner Bros. is currently producing its adaptation of the seventh and final novel, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows which will be split into two parts: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I is due out on 19 November 2010 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II is due out on 15 July 2011. In an interview, producer David Heyman has stated that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is being treated as one film, but released as two parts. Both parts will be released in 3D and 2D on their individual release dates.

The Harry Potter film franchise is the highest grossing film series of all time when not adjusted for inflation, with over $5.4 billion in worldwide receipts. As of April 2010 the series consists of six motion pictures, all of which (unadjusted for inflation) are on the all time list of 30 highest-grossing films worldwide, with the first, fifth and sixth films among the top ten. The latest installment, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, was released in cinemas worldwide on 15 July 2009.

I Think there is none on this planet who didn’t watched Harry Potter Or didn’t hear for Harry Potter. Harry Potter is one of the most famous movies heroes in the world.He was my inspiration for new article,and i think you will like this article.All these pictures are not real,they are photoshoped or drew and painted.Also source for this pictures is DeviantART, so you can find more pictures related to Harry Potter there.Enjoy

___Harry_Potter_and_Co_____by_yuina19  Harry_Potter_by_faysea Harry_Potter_by_forbidden Harry_Potter_by_hueco_mundo Harry_Potter_by_Icesplendor Harry_Potter_by_ProdigyBombay Harry_Potter_by_sakuraccs Harry_Potter_by_sezaku_the_vampi Harry_Potter_by_shel_yang Harry_Potter_by_Shizuo_Kusanagi Harry_Potter_by_speedking Harry_potter_by_supercluster_hong Harry_potter_by_twinsister Harry_Potter_Cast_by_desfunk Harry_Potter_color_by_tolueno Harry_Potter_Commission_by_verauko Harry_Potter_Doujinshi_Cover_by_Yamatoking Harry_Potter_Fan_Art_by_seikion Harry_Potter_Fanart___Hermione Harry_Potter_James_in_the_dark_by_setsunachan Harry_Potter_Trio Harry_Potter_year_one_by_everyonesname HP___Severus_Snape_by_GENZOMAN IF___Harry_Potter_by_Lanzenritter Making_Magic_with_Harry_Potter_by_Gothiccreep 50c97f60867d061c28d944789b1d1938 404d6ea39946de4816a4557d2cdf7fcf 434469245333446595afe3759f1523cd Career_day___Potter_by_rainmaker135 dc574761d676631f Draco_and_Harry___Prize_pic__by_gemiange Draco_x_Harry__Come_on__Potter_by_Iwonn FANART__Harry_Potter___Malfoy_by_pinkuz Ginny_and_Harry_by_balmasque Ginny_Weasley_and_Harry_Potter_by_miyavi Happy_BDay_Harry_Potter_by_SiliceB Happy_Halloween__Hermione_by_GENZOMAN Harry__Potter_by_ReillyBrown Harry_and_Ginny_final_1_by_tolueno Harry_by_Alys_san Harry_by_HLBT Harry_Potter Harry_Potter___Catnap_by_crazy4cloud Harry_Potter___DH_Spoiler_by_sora_ko Harry_Potter___DH_Spoiler_II_by_sora_ko Harry_Potter___Double_Date_by_jehanaruto Harry_Potter___Nostalgia_by_kurot Harry_Potter___Snowball_Fight_by_irishgirl982 Harry_Potter___The_cave_by_Vanoxymore Harry_Potter__Exuberance Harry_Potter__Final_by_kuroitora Harry_Potter__Marauders HARRY_POTTER__We_Three_by_Looby_the_Pirate harry_potter_by_Amuria Harry_Potter_by_B1nd1 Harry_Potter_by_ciclomono  Harry_Potter_by_Eruadan 




Beautiful Digital Girls

Beautiful Digital Girls

This is a very good collection of beautiful girls, from deviantart.com. These are very nice inspirations, especially if you need to make a picture of women character. Also, mostly of them are very shiny pictures, and very bright too. If you liked these, go under the post and share it with your friends, and if you want to check more pictures go to deviant art and enjoy in the works of the best designers. Enjoy

__Haunting_Ground_Fan_Girls___by_demoness 00e0f4cb2b632a94692d76c18f3d1640 aonodori_Loves_to_Draw_Girls_by_girls_girls_girls ArcherV_Loves_to_Draw_Girls_by_girls_girls_girls AT_girls_on_the_beach_by_BSylphir Chesney_Loves_to_Draw_Girls_by_girls_girls_girls cola82_loves_to_draw_girls_by_girls_girls_girls Elwinne_loves_to_draw_girls__by_girls_girls_girls FFXII__Sexy_Fran_by_EiffelArt Girls_will_be_girls_by_ElenaSham golden_girls_by_mandyreinmuth Military_girls_by_randis mygirl_loves_to_draw_girls_by_girls_girls_girls nuria_loves_to_draw_girls_by_girls_girls_girls otakitty_loves_to_draw_girls_by_girls_girls_girls Pin_Up_Series__Mario_by_GuitarAtomik Relydazed_likes_to_draw_girls_by_girls_girls_girls sexy_and_lovely_by_ricardofx sexy_by_omhippo Sexy_girl_by_Brassman07 Sexy_girls__Morrigan_by_Nakuru_Nebelung Sexy_girls_by_Magochocobo Sexy_Rogue_by_lethalfairy Sexy_series_02___Paine_by_Nakuru_Nebelung Party Animal Tsumekuro_Loves_to_Draw_Girls_by_girls_girls_girls

40 Extraordinary Examples of Samurai Photography

40 Extraordinary Examples of Samurai Photography

Samurai, (侍?) is the term for the military nobility of pre-industrial Japan. According to translator William Scott Wilson: “In Chinese, the character 侍 was originally a verb meaning to wait upon or accompany a person in the upper ranks of society, and this is also true of the original term in Japanese, saburau. In both countries the terms were nominalized to mean “those who serve in close attendance to the nobility,” the pronunciation in Japanese changing to saburai.” According to Wilson, an early reference to the word “samurai” appears in the Kokin Wakashū (905-914), the first imperial anthology of poems, completed in the first part of the ninth century.

By the end of the 12th century, samurai became almost entirely synonymous with bushi (武士), and the word was closely associated with the middle and upper echelons of the warrior class. The samurai followed a set of rules that came to be known as Bushidō. While they numbered less than 10% of Japan’s population samurai teachings can still be found today in both everyday life and in martial arts such as Kendō, meaning the way of the sword.

Above you can read short description of term ‘samurai’.This is an good collection i think.It’s inspired by samurai,and i think you will love this collection.All these pictures are not real,they are photoshoped,or it’s done with other picture editor tool.All these pictures i found on Deviant ART , and thanks to deviantARTs users cause they made this very professional.





Afro_samurai_by_HDK  Demon_Samurai_by_Phillybee 

JIN__samurai_champloo_by_Brolo  Mayan_Samurai_by_imaginism 










Samurai_by_Metallllll  Samurai_by_Reine84 Samurai_by_SI_K Samurai_by_YanasPrecursor Samurai_II_by_Hideyoshi samurai_jack_by_samuraiblack SAMURAI_KNIGHT_by_yutori_custom


Samurai_Spirit_5___Slasher_by_Artgerm   Samurai_Spirit_Two_by_Artgerm Samurai_Sugar_by_kassarts Samurai_thing_by_Morriperkele











Very Creative Warrior Drawing And Art Works

Very Creative Warrior Drawing And Art Works

I had a chance to find few cool warrior drawings, which i liked very much. Then i thought it would be nice to make one collection, of drawings and pictures to show you their character. They were the best men in the world, they were strongest, smartest, and they were defending their countries. They are in our hearts, and these pictures are here to show you how designers see them. They are very good inspirations for almost everything and you should take a look at these pictures. I found them on deviant art, and if you like these you should go there, and search for more…. Enjoy in this cool warrior drawings collection.

_The_Warrior__by_Nee_sah 783387491dba470535f9fd0384c8ec17 CG_Male_Study_001_by_LoneWolf64 chaos__s_warrior_by_hyatt92 Cloud_Warrior_by_nkabuto Demonic_Warrior_by_JayAxer Dragon_Warrior_4_by_camilkuoe8662d66f1899fb798eae642912ce9e5  feb0db4c705ef855 Female_Warrior_Ayana_by_MeganeRid Ice_Warrior_by_nathie Imp_Warrior_by_Beloved_Creature Japanese_girl_by_iamFUN Lynx_warrior_by_sandara Mage_and_Warrior_by_hgjart Muscle_muffintop_by_SweMu The_Last_Warrior_by_agnidevi The_Warrior_by_alanlathwell The_Warrior_by_kerembeyit the_warrior_by_yoanndurand TW_warrior_by_cuatrod Warrior  Warrior_by_denebtenohWarrior_by_FayLady warrior_by_GENZOMAN Warrior_by_heise warrior_by_KAN_J Warrior_by_kataclysm Warrior_by_longai warrior_by_RueCalintz warrior_by_serushins Warrior_by_venkatvasa warrior_by_Wen_Xaeroaaa Warrior_Concept_by_Zyklon8B  Warrior_Lady_by_brokenangel Warrior_Queen_by_Gild_a_Lily

Most Beautiful Examples Of Clear 3-Dimensional Art

Most Beautiful Examples Of Clear 3-Dimensional Art

I always loved 3d art. You never know what artist can imagine, he can be creative like God. He have a freedom to make everything he want and to call it art. But, not every art is beautiful. There are many art works that are just bad. Here I collected the most amazing examples of clear 3d art. I tough it would be better to collect best 3d art, than just usual photos and creations. So, I hope, you will enjoy this article, and come again…

6_Years_away_by_Falken41 8b9327277c05fa1383adb305bc4a457d 97e7ae693626ec58c524505fc4629a22 0531_by_yukitan 79662c64463d28397e358319f78712f7 Ambush_by_Glkthread building_2_by_sDeimos building_by_sDeimos Execution_2_by_ExplodingGrape Ferrari_612_GTO___3_by_Samirs girl____by_thaigraff Harley_Davidson_883_Custom_by_inarishrine Milky_Gas_by_Poet1960 Mustang_GT_by_CipSkate My_self_made_Desktop_Wallpaper_by_olki_ch Pandora_Residences_Ent__Night_by_solarseas Sky_and_grass_by_bebekngepotz Sphere_by_seeseep Spirits_of_the_Wood_by_Arileo Year_of_the_Tiger_by_Foulfiends

Source for all Pictures is Deviant ART.

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