8 Professional Wordpess Portfolio Templates

8 Professional Wordpess Portfolio Templates

This is my another collection of templates. Its about the best portofolio templates. Many people are looking for their perfect portofolio template to add their new designs, and for sure its not easy to find it. Especially when we have so many wordpress templates alerdy. So, check this list, it should help you finding your blog template.

wordpress new logo

Picture Source

1. Snapshot

Snapshot wp premium template

Demo: Snapshot

Buy/Download: Snapshot

Theme Homepage: Snapshot

2. Photo Graphic

Photo Graphic wp premium template

Demo: Photo Graphic

Buy/Download: Photo Graphic

Theme Homepage: Photo Graphic

3. Gallery

Gallery free wp portofilio template

Demo: Gallery

Buy/Download: Gallery

Theme Homepage: Gallery

4. Showcase theme

Showcase wp premium portofolio template

Demo: Showcase

Buy/Download: Showcase

Theme Homepage: Showcase

5. Foto Folio

Foto Folio free wp portofolio template

Demo: Foto Folio

Buy/Download: Foto Folio

Theme Homepage: Foto Folio

6. Photo Gallery

Photo Galler 1 wp premium portofolio template

Demo: Photo Gallery

Buy/Download: Photo Gallery

Theme Homepage: Photo Gallery

7. Egallery

egallery wp premium portofolio theme

Demo: Egallery

Buy/Download: Egallery

Theme Homepage: Egallery

8. Proudfolio

Proudfolio premium portofolio wp theme

Demo: Proudfolio

Buy/Download: Proudfolio

Theme Homepage: Proudfolio

25 Excellent Websites To Spread Away Your Design Resources

25 Excellent Websites To Spread Away Your Design Resources

The main problem you have from the very begining is how to get more visitors. This is not an easy task, you have to try very hard, and to do that constantly. You should write at least one post per day, because google loves when you write more. Also high quality posts are wanted. Then, you must submit your articles. So, I made a list, of all sites I think can bring you good visits. I will write alexa and page rank for each site, so you can see wich site can bring you more visits, wich less. Click on image to go to website submition page.

website traffic grow picture

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1. Instant Shift

Instant shift logo

Alexa: 7,342
Google Page Rank: 6/10

2. Hongkiat

hongkiat logo

Alexa: 2,384
Google Page Rank: 5/10

3. 10 Steps

10 steps logo

Alexa: 18,058
Google Page Rank: 5/10

4. Specky Boy

specky boy logo

Alexa: 3,583
Google Page Rank: 3/10

5. Smashing Post

smashing post logo

Alexa: 68, 833
Google Page Rank: 4/10

6. Desizn Tech

Desizn Tech logo

Alexa: 36,647
Google Page Rank: 4/10

7. Colorburned

colorburned logo

Alexa: 36,175
Google Page Rank: 5/10

8. Creative Fan

creative fan logo

Alexa: 17,130
Google Page Rank: 4/10

9. Deziner Folio

Deziner Folio logo

Alexa: 16,863
Google Page Rank: 6/10

10. Crazy Leaf

Crazy Leaf logo

Alexa: 12,310
Google Page Rank: 4/10

11. Psd Fan

psd fan logo

Alexa: 22,713
Google Page Rank: 5/10

12. Design rFix

Design rFix

Alexa: 15,875
Google Page Rank: 6/10

13. Design Follow

Design Follow logo

Alexa: 21,742
Google Page Rank: 4/10

14. Tripwire

TripWire magazine logo

Alexa: 9,349
Google Page Rank: 5/10

15. Design Newz

Design Newz logo

Alexa: 31,503
Google Page Rank: 4/10

16. Webdesign-Ne.ws

Webdesign-Ne.ws logo

Alexa: 51,347
Google Page Rank: 4/10

17. WebandDesigners

webanddesigners logo

Alexa: 24,476
Google Page Rank: 4/10

18. Skyje

Skyje logo

Alexa: 40,250
Google Page Rank: 3/10

19. Loondesign

Loondesign logo

Alexa: 50,045
Google Page Rank: 4/10

20. Designm.ag

Designm.ag logo

Alexa: 7,321
Google Page Rank: 6/10

21. Design Your Way

Design Your Way logo

Alexa: 23,240
Google Page Rank: 4/10

22. Webdev Codex

Webdev codex logoAlexa: 248,533
Google Page Rank: 1/10

23. My Ink Blog

My Ink Blog logo

Alexa: 32,295
Google Page Rank: 6/10

24. Design Dazzling

Design Dazzling logo

Alexa: 46,520
Google Page Rank: 5/10

25. Script and Style

Script and Style logo

Alexa: 27,132
Google Page Rank: 5/10

7 Outstanding WordPress Video Templates

7 Outstanding WordPress Video Templates

This is a small but very quallity wordpress templates list, with a description and links for download and source. You can find the best video templates from the web. These templates is very easy to use, and most of them have their own support. Enjoy in this article, and good luck with your future video wordpress blog.

1. Vidley

Vidley wp theme

Demo: Vidley

Buy/Download: Vidley

Theme Homepage: Vidley

2. Tv Elements

Tv Elements

Demo: Tv Elements

Buy/Download: Tv Elements

Theme Homepage: Tv Elements

3. Video Flickr

Video Flickr theme

Demo: Video Flickr

Buy/Download: Video Flickr

Theme Homepage: Video Flickr

4. Dione

Dione wp themplate

Demo: Dione

Buy/Download: Dione

Theme Homepage: Dione

5. My Stream

My Stream Video Template

Demo: My Stream

Buy/Download: My Stream

Theme Homepage: My Stream

6. Groovy Video

groovy video wp template

Demo: Groovy Video

Buy/Download: Groovy Video

Theme Homepage: Groovy Video

7. Object

object wp template

Demo: Object

Buy/Download: Object

Theme/Homepage: Object

10 best sites where you can buy premium wordpress templates

10 best sites where you can buy premium wordpress templates

When you start you website you will go to find a template that fits your taste. This is the first question you will ask: What is better, to buy a template or to start with a free one. There are lots of free templates, but premium templates are way better looking. If you want to buy a premium template, you can check my list, you may find something interesting.

premium wordpress templates picture

picture source

1. Woo Themes

woo themes

They have a very good collection of templates, and its my first choose.

2. Wp Zoom

wp zoom templates

They have some really beautifull premium wordpress templates,very good designs. And i think you should consider them to.

3. ElegantThemes

elegantthemes logo

Elegant Themes makes a good templates too, they are very silk and clean. And they are not expensive like woo themes.

4. Natty Wp

Natty Wp Themes

Natty wp is not popular as first 3 sites, but there you can find a beautiful template collection.

5. Organic Themes

Organic Themes wp

Organic Themes have a new and refreshing wordpress template collection, and all templates are updated to new wordperss 3.0.

6. Studio Press

Studio Press Premium Wp Templates

They have very simple designs, but very beautiful. Their collection counts about 30 well designed templates.

7. Theme Forest

Theme Forest wp premium

Theme Forest have the biggest collection of templates, i think about 3000. They are medium price, not so expensive, and they have a very good quallity. I think they are very good solution for almost every website.

8. Press 75

press 75 wp premium templates

Very expensive templates, well designed, and also very simple to use. This is good choice for serious websites.

9. Templatic

Templatic wp templates

Templatic is not a big site, but they have best looking templates, and very fine support.

10. Wp Now

wp now premium templates

Very expensive templates, also good designed, with many features. Not good choice, for beginners.

Make Your Sidebar Look Better With Best Plugins And Widgets

Make Your Sidebar Look Better With Best Plugins And Widgets

As designer i have so much freedom with my site. I can put any plugins, write any stories, etc. But not every plugin is good, not every story is nice. So i collected best plugins, that i have expirienced, and used, so you don’t have to try all that bad plugins, i tried. Also if you have any suggestions, if you need any plugins, leave me comment, i will find plugin for you. To go to a plugin/widget page just click on tittle. Enjoy.

wordpress picture plugin

Picture Source

1. Who’s Online On Your Blog Widget

This widget is my favourite. Its very simple, easy to install, and the best thing is that it just not taking you lot of space on your blog. Many designers are using this plugin…


2. Alexa And Page Rank Plugin

Alexa and page rank plugin allows you to add Alexa and Page rank to your blog/website. This is very usefull especially for designers.


3. WP Plugin – My Twitter

Xhanch – My Twitter is a WordPress plugin/widget made by Xhanch Studio to show your latest tweets and other stuff related to twitter. This plugin/widget provide customizations to suit your taste and it is also flexible since it can be placed on your sidebar, post or page.

wp plugin xhanch studio

4. Better Tag Cloud Plugin

This can look very good, and its pretty usefull. Don’t take much space, and can be put in sidebar, and also in footer if you have lots of unused space.

better tag cloud

5. Get Recent Comments Plugin

If you have many comments this is a right plugin for you. This can be good plugin for your readers too, because it sorts comments. Good to have on your blog.

get recent comments plugin

6. YD Recent Posts Widget

This is also good plugin, like featured posts plugin, it gives your blog a better look, and helps your readers. But you do not need to hold a recent post plugin and featured post plugin, its good to choose one that fits best for you. Together they cut you lots of space, and some stories will be repeted.

YD recent posts widget

7. Yet Another Featured Posts Plugin (YAFPP)

This is very good plugin for your readers, because they can find your posts easier. You need lots of space in sidebar for this plugin, but its advanced, you can set up almost everything you need.

yet another related posts plugin

8.  Video Player FX

I never used this plugin, but i heard it is very good, so i posted it here. Also there is a same Mp3 Player Fx plugin, so you can choose what you  need. Both are high quallity and very advanced.

Video Player FX

9. MP3 Player FX

One of the best mp3 player plugins, i heard. Its very advanced, and it is not that simple.

Mp3 Player FX

5 Best Articles On Business Cards

5 Best Articles On Business Cards

I love business cards. And I wanted to collect best articles, so you can find a right design for yourself. I hope you will find your perfect business card design in these articles, and make your own. Also you can visit these sites for more designs: http://abduzeedo.com/ ; http://10steps.sg/ ; http://www.designzzz.com/. Enjoy

1. 50 Sleek and Creative Business Cards


Click Here For Full Story

2. 45 Creative Business Card Designs You Should’ve Seen


Click Here For Full Story

3. 30+ Business Card Designs that Will Inspire You


Click Here For Full Story

4. 20 Clean White Letterpress Business Cards


Click Here For Full Article

5. 38 Awe-Inspiring Business Cards of Designers In The Community


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Into The Blue

Into The Blue

This is compilation of blue photos. These can be a good inspiration, and they can help you to get your ideas. In these pictures you can find few wallpapers. Check them out, and write a comment if you have a good idea, proposition, or just an amazing blue photo, that can belong to this collection. Enjoy







































Road Perfection

Road Perfection

I love roads. They are helping us to arrive somewhere quickly. They have their beauty. These pictures are taken by the masters of art, and its my choice for this theme. I have never loved dirty roads, but i found two very nice and posted them here. Also there are few snowy ones, they are just incredible, the rest are good too. Now, take a deep breath and enjoy these pictures.









































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