40+ stunning HDR Pictures That Will Make You Look Again

40+ stunning HDR Pictures That Will Make You Look Again

Hi there.This is another collection of pictures.I collected this over web.Sorry cause these are not in higher resolution cause all of theme are very good.Photographs who taked these photos are very,very professional.As title says, theme some of these pictures will make you look again,cause they are brilliant.

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Operator: Mantiuk
Contrast Equalization factor: 1.1
Saturation Factor: 2 
PreGamma: 1
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10 The best Rock/Metal Bands Logos

10 The best Rock/Metal Bands Logos

This is good article i think. These are some great music bands logos. All of these looks pretty great. If you are designer and want to make same of these logo, trust me, it’s not easy. Making these logos are 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Also in this article you can read some info about bands. Source for all info are wikipedia.

1. Guns ‘N’ Roses


Guns N’ Roses (sometimes abbreviated as GN’R or GNR) is an American hard rock band. The band formed in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California in 1985. The band, led by frontman and co-founder Axl Rose (born William Bruce Rose, Jr.), has gone through numerous line-up changes and controversies since its formation. The band has released six studio albums, three EPs and one live album during its career.

The band has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide,including over 46 million in the United States. The band’s 1987 major label debut album Appetite for Destruction has sold in excess of 28 million copies worldwide and reached number one on the United States Billboard 200. In addition, the album charted three Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, including “Sweet Child o’ Mine” which reached number one. The 1991 albums Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II debuted on the two highest spots on the Billboard 200 and have sold a combined 14 million copies in the United States alone and 35 million worldwide. After over a decade of work, the band released their follow-up album, Chinese Democracy, which sold 1.6 million copies by end of 2008.

2. Queen


Queen are a British rock band formed in London in 1970 and are one of the most commercially successful musical acts of all time. The group originally consisted of Freddie Mercury (lead vocals), Brian May (lead guitar, vocals), John Deacon (bass guitar), and Roger Taylor (drums, vocals). Queen’s initial works were chiefly heavy metal orientated, however with time the band incorporated diverse and innovative styles in their music, exploring the likes of vaudeville, progressive rock, and even funk. Throughout the 1970s Queen disclosed the absence of synthesisers on their albums, yet their style continued to evolve, which reflected their experimental approach to music.

The group’s roots can be traced back to the demise of the band Smile, of which May and Taylor were part. They were joined by a Farrokh Bulsara who changed the band’s name to Queen, and his own to Freddie Mercury, and adopted the role of lead vocalist. Deacon was later recruited by the trio to complete the group. Queen enjoyed success in the UK during the early 1970s but it was the release of Sheer Heart Attack (1974) and A Night at the Opera (1975) that gained the band international success, both critically and commercially. The latter featured “Bohemian Rhapsody”, which stayed at number one in the UK charts for nine weeks. In 1987, Mercury was diagnosed HIV positive and in 1991 died of bronchopneumonia, a complication of AIDS. Deacon’s retirement followed in 1997. Since then, May and Taylor have infrequently performed together at special events and programmes. Between 2004 and 2009 the duo collaborated with Paul Rodgers under the name Queen + Paul Rodgers.

3. AC/DC


AC/DC are an Australian rock band formed in 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young. Although the band are commonly classified as hard rock and are considered a pioneer of heavy metal, they have always classified their music as rock and roll.

AC/DC underwent several line-up changes before releasing their first album, High Voltage, in 1975. Membership remained stable until bassist Mark Evans was replaced by Cliff Williams in 1977 for the album Powerage. Within months of recording the album Highway to Hell, lead singer and co-songwriter Bon Scott died on 19 February 1980, after a night of heavy alcohol consumption. The group briefly considered disbanding, but soon ex-Geordie singer Brian Johnson was selected to replace Scott. Later that year, the band released their highest selling album, Back in Black.

The band’s next album, For Those About to Rock We Salute You, was their first album to reach number one in the United States. AC/DC declined in popularity soon after drummer Phil Rudd was fired in 1983 and was replaced by future Dio drummer Simon Wright, though the band resurged in the early 1990s with the release of The Razor’s Edge. Phil Rudd returned in 1994 (after Chris Slade, whom was with the band from 1990–1994, was asked to leave in favour of him) and contributed to the band’s 1995 album Ballbreaker. Stiff Upper Lip was released in 2000 and was well received by critics. Since then, the band has stayed the same with the 1980-1983 lineup. The band’s most recent album, Black Ice, was released on 20 October 2008. It was their biggest hit on the charts since “For Those About to Rock, reaching #1 on all the charts eventually. AC/DC’s newest studio album, AC/DC: Iron Man 2 is set to release on April 19, 2010.

4. ZZ Top


ZZ Top (pronounced /ˈziː ˈziː ˈtop/) is an American blues rock trio, formed in 1969 in Houston, Texas. Its members are Billy Gibbons (vocals and guitar), Joseph Dusty Hill (vocals, bass, and keyboards), and Frank Beard (drums and percussion). ZZ Top is ranked number 44 on VH1’s “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock.” The trio is one of the longest running rock bands to retain the same lineup, and until September 2006 had the same manager, Bill Ham.

ZZ Top was inducted by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during the annual ceremony on March 15, 2004. Cub Koda wrote, “As genuine roots musicians, they have few peers; Gibbons is one of America’s finest blues guitarists working in the hard rock idiom … while Hill and Beard provide the ultimate rhythm section support.”

ZZ Top almost always appear in public wearing sunglasses (a practice that predates, by a decade, their 1979 song “Cheap Sunglasses”). Gibbons and Hill wear similar black clothing (usually biker leathers) and black cowboy hats or baseball caps. Gibbons may wear black biker boots and neck chains with beer can openers. Although Gibbons and Hill wear chest-length beards, drummer Beard sports only a trimmed mustache.

In 1984, the Gillette Company reportedly offered Gibbons and Hill $1 million each to shave their beards for a television commercial. They allegedly declined, saying “We’re too ugly without ’em.”

ZZ Top is the only band with 30+ years active to have all the original band members alive and still playing together!

5. Van Halen


Van Halen is an American heavy metal/hard rock band formed in Pasadena, California in 1972. They have enjoyed large scale success since the release of their debut album Van Halen, (1978). As of 2007, Van Halen has sold 80 million albums worldwide, and have had the most number-one hits on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. During the 1980s they also had more Billboard Hot 100 hits than any other hard rock or heavy metal band. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, Van Halen is the 19th best-selling band/artist of all time with sales of over 56 million albums in the U.S. , and is one of five rock bands that have had two albums sell more than 10 million copies in the U.S. In 2008 they became one of the best paid live acts in the world, over twenty years after performing the same feat in the early eighties in regards to their huge payout for headlining the US festival. In 1999, the RIAA certified Van Halen diamond, for ten million U.S. sales. Van Halen were one of the forerunners to the glam metal bands of the 1980s.

6. Aerosmith


Aerosmith is an American hard rock band, sometimes referred to as “The Bad Boys from Boston” and “America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band”. Their style, which is rooted in blues-based hard rock, has come to also incorporate elements of pop, heavy metal, and rhythm and blues, and has inspired many subsequent rock artists. The band was formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1970. Guitarist Joe Perry and bassist Tom Hamilton, originally in a band together called the Jam Band, met up with singer Steven Tyler, drummer Joey Kramer, and guitarist Ray Tabano, and formed Aerosmith. In 1971, Tabano was replaced by Brad Whitford, and the band began developing a following in Boston.

7. Bon Jovi


Bon Jovi is an American hard rock band from Sayreville, New Jersey. Formed in 1983, Bon Jovi consists of lead singer and namesake Jon Bon Jovi, guitarist Richie Sambora, keyboardist David Bryan, drummer Tico Torres as well as current bassist Hugh McDonald. The band’s line-up has remained mostly static during their 26-year history, the only exception being the departure of Alec John Such in 1994, who was unofficially replaced by Hugh McDonald. The band have become known for writing several rock anthems, and achieved widespread recognition with their third album Slippery When Wet, released in 1986. Bon Jovi are well-known for songs including “Livin’ on a Prayer”, which has become their signature song, as well as “You Give Love a Bad Name”, “Wanted Dead or Alive”, “Bad Medicine”, “Keep the Faith”, “Bed of Roses”, “Always”, “It’s My Life” and “Have a Nice Day”. Their latest hit single is “We Weren’t Born to Follow.”

8. Judas Priest


Judas Priest are a Grammy Award winning English heavy metal band from Birmingham, formed in 1969. Judas Priest’s core line-up consists of vocalist Rob Halford, guitarists Glenn Tipton, K.K. Downing, and bassist Ian Hill. The band has gone through several drummers over the years, though Scott Travis has held the position since 1989. They have been cited as an influence on many heavy metal musicians and bands. Their popularity and status as one of the definitive heavy metal bands has earned them the nickname “Metal Gods” from their song of the same name. They have sold over 35 million albums worldwide.

9. Disturbed

Disturbed wallpaper

Disturbed is a heavy metal band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 1996 when musicians Dan Donegan, Steve “Fuzz” Kmak, and Mike Wengren hired David Draiman as their singer. Since the band’s formation, they have sold over 11 million albums worldwide, making them one of the largest grossing rock bands in recent years. The band has released three consecutive studio albums that have debuted at number-one on the Billboard 200.

10. Slayer


Slayer is an American thrash metal band from Huntington Park, California, formed in 1981. The band was founded by guitarists Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King. Slayer rose to fame with their 1986 release, Reign in Blood, which has been called “the heaviest album of all time” by Kerrang!. The band is credited as one of the “Big Four” of thrash metal, along with Metallica, Anthrax and Megadeth.

Slayer’s musical traits involve fast tremolo picking, atonal guitar solos, double bass drumming, and shouting vocals. The band’s lyrics and album art, which cover topics such as serial killers, Satanism, religion and warfare have generated album bans, delays, lawsuits and strong criticism from religious groups and the public.

20 Beautiful Digital Nature Pictures

20 Beautiful Digital Nature Pictures

Hello reader.This is my first article after few days of vacation.I hope you will love this as i do.This is great collection of digital photos.Actually this is called fractal art.All these pictures are inspired by nature,and they were done in photoshop. I think some graphical designers will get inspirations for their works when they see this collection.


20 Beautiful Business Card Designs

20 Beautiful Business Card Designs

Hello Readers.This is an amazing collection of business cards desings.These cards looks pretty good.Those can be ur inspiration for making bussines card.These cards are made by DeviantART’s members.I hope you will like these designs as i do when i was writting this article!








































33 Pictures Inspired By Barack Obama

33 Pictures Inspired By Barack Obama

This is an great collection inspired but US president Mr. Barack Obama.All these pictures are great and made by DeviantART.commembers.Some of these pictures are caricatures,some of them are digital art,some are funny,but all those are awesome.These are not wallpapers,i mean there are some wallpapers but most of them are pictures in small resolution.Anyway they are good and don’t forget to click on picture to enlarge it!

___Obama_Munny____by_mavsfan99  Bad_Boy___Barack_Obama_by_BenHeine Barack_Obama_by_alecpage Barack_Obama_by_BenHeine   Barack_Obama_by_maritze  Barack_Obama_Plush_by_usako_chan i_ship_obama_mccain_by_StrangeWeirdo I_Won_Bitches___Obama_by_VorteXNL O_Force_Obama_by_Lysol_Jones   Obama_and_Biden_Comedy_Duo_by_kevinbolk  Obama_by_chngch  obama_by_deletloss Obama_by_jFury OBAMA_by_kgreene Obama_by_mainasha  Obama_by_revoltersds OBAMA_by_spacecoyote   Print Obama_T_shirt_by_Cloxboy Obama_the_Builder_by_sayer Obama_Vs__McCain_by_Seijimei Viva_Obama_by_roberlan





Basic CMYK








50 Great Examples of Car Tuning In PhotoShop

50 Great Examples of Car Tuning In PhotoShop

Hello.This is another collection of tuned cars in photoshop.These cars looks awesome,and these examples can give you ideas for your work if you are real tuner or photoshop tuner 🙂 . Authors of all these works are DeviantArt’s members.I hope you will like this cars as me when i was collecting these photos.Also some of them cars are wallpapers,but most of them aren’t. You should click on some picture to enlarge and see if it’s wallpaper or not.


astra_tuning_by_mateus12345 Astron_Martin_Virtual_Tuning_by_nikita144 Audi_A4_tuning_by_hermanform Audi_A5_Tuning_by_TuningmagNet Audi_A6_Virtual_Tuning_by_Kyprulez black_angel_by_peppus_84_by_peppus84 BMW_M6_Tuning_by_TuningmagNet Cars_tuning_by_spammerz69 concept_tuning_by_djeric Dacia_Sandero_Tuning_9_by_cipriany Ferrari_F430_Simple_Tuning_V1_by_PepiDesigns Ferrari_F430_Simple_Tuning_V2_by_PepiDesigns Ferrari_F430_Tuning_by_TuningmagNet Fiat_Grande_Punto_Tuning_by_TuningmagNet Ford_by_mtahan Ford_Focus_4Tuning_Days_Back_by_enth3os Ford_Focus_4Tuning_Days_Front_by_enth3os Ford_Mustang___PS_tuning_by_ottov Ford_Mustang_GT350_TUNING__by_FlamingLine FORD_Tuning_by_Slgado hibrid_virtual_tuning_peppus84_by_peppus84 lamborghini_peppus84_by_peppus84 lancer_peppus84_by_peppus84 Maybach_Exelero_Tuning_by_d1niel Mini_Cooper_Tuning_by_TuningmagNet Nissan_350Z_Tuning_by_TuningmagNet porsche_virtual_tuning_p84_by_peppus84 pro_cee__d_tuning_by_ales_kotnik Replicant__s_Tuning_by_Gemaskerde_Muchacho RX_7_tuning_by_GTStudio Saab_Sonett_III_Future_Tuning_by_roobi Scion_Xb_Virtual_Tuning_by_Darius_Dragon seat_formula_1999_vt Subaru_impreza_Tuning_by_julioleite Tuning_by_Carloske Tuning_by_CelloTzaigner Tuning_Contest_Car_by_doublexx Tuning_Creatures_by_TheSoulMirror virtual_tuning___dodge_ev_by_tarik91 VIRTUAL_TUNING__progetto_gp_by_peppus84 Virtual_Tuning__R8_Police_by_Warbaaz1411 Virtual_Tuning_by_julioleite Virtual_Tuning_by_thisiskoray virtual_tuning_ferrari_by_pepp_by_peppus84 Virtual_tuning_ford_by_sharkurban virtual_tuning_progetto_stealh_by_peppus84 DB2007AU00203 Volkswagen_Scirocco_Tuning_Mag_by_galantaigeri Volvo_C30_2010__Tuning_Day_by_vicadesigner vw_scirocco_peppus84_by_peppus84

100 Amazing Examples Of Art You Can Eat

100 Amazing Examples Of Art You Can Eat

This is another collection from DeviantART.These are some great cakes.It’s looks like thats made in photoshop, but all these cakes are real,and you can eat it if you want..NOTE: Don’t Read this article if you are hungry, ’cause you will be more,more hungry,stay safe! 🙂

__AAAHH_real_monsters___by_paintedmaru  18_by_thefunkygibson 37eb54b3df6159b69b1d3614a4d56d66      Apple_Blossom_Cake_by_ParadizeLily Atlantis_Cake_veiw_2_by_The_EvIl_Plankton   BIRTHDAY_CAKE_by_ozpop Black_n_white_n_red_n_green_by_sweetasanut Blue_Monster_Cupcakes_by_h0p31355 Brekkies__by_sweetasanut cake_by_diullbar22    Chocolate_Wedding_Cake_by_Kahlan4 Christmas_Cake_2007_by_spiderdijon Classy_Black_Stacked_Cake_by_zoro_swordsman Cookie_Monster_Muffin_by_RianeFinn Corpse_Bride_Cake_by_pinkcakebox  d9ff690867ff194c912698e119e94239 Definitely_different_by_sweetasanut 














DisplayCake_Wedding_Event_nr_1_by_Naera  Edible_Book_Fair_2010__Detail_by_TubaQueen SAMSUNG DIGIMAX D530 fairy_tale_cake_by_cakelover88 Fish_Bowl_Cake_by_GollumsLilHelper flourless_chocolate_cake_by_ninny85310 Frog_Cake_by_stacylambert Gift_Box_Wedding_Cake_by_pinkcakebox Grooms_Cake_by_Digitalflattery Hats_the_way_to_do_it__by_sweetasanut Haunted_Gingerbread_House_III_by_ZonbiKeki  He_who_sows_generously____by_themie Hitched_by_Sliceofcake   Im_alittle_tea_pot_by_The_Mad_Hattres Izumik_wedding_cake_by_see_through_silence  Lace_cake_by_sweetasanut Legend_of_Zelda_cake_by_see_through_silence    Not_a_patch_on______by_sweetasanut  Octocake__by_Tina_rina  Out_of_ashes_Phoenix_will_rise_by_sweetasanut











Out_of_ashes_Phoenix_will_rise_by_sweetasanut   Parrot_Head_Cake_by_Heidilu22  Pink_Tiger_by_HighBornTalon    Princess_Castle_Cake_by_zoro_swordsman Principessa_by_cerukekkusu Rapsberry_Cream_Soda_Cupcake_by_apparentlyjessy Red_Indian_wedding_cake_by_The_EvIl_Plankton     Schnauzer_Critter_by_AingelCakes Snow_way_to_make_a_cake_by_sweetasanut Spring_Pond_Cake_5_by_Cherieosaurus St__Patrick__s_Day_cake_by_Kahlan4 Strawberry_Butterfly_by_annasaphiree Sway_by_Sliceofcake Sweet_Little_Turtle_by_Claw_Ravenscroft Swirls_of_Silver_and_Blue_by_Er_ca Teapot_Cake_by_Saiyuki08 The_brides___armless_enough_by_sweetasanut The_chocolat_house_1_by_Nuditon The_Rumble_by_cerukekkusu tina__s_birthday_by_freethegnomes Topsy_Turvey_Birthday_Cake_by_pinkcakebox   Tree_Cake_by_BearCB  Undead_Noms_by_Meikiana Vanilla_Spongecake_Study_10_by_blackkittycat132 Wedding_cake_57_by_ninny85310   
















Amazing Chopper Designs

Amazing Chopper Designs

2 4 5 13choppers_big blueribbon_big Custom_300''_Pro-Street_Chopper Custom_Star_Street_Chopper Custom_Yamaha_Road_Star_Chopper Dragon,_Chopper_Concept dublinmc_big Ghost_Blue,_Wraith_Chopper_Concept graves_big highland_big Honda-Chopper Intel's_American_Chopper_Bike Joker_Moto_Bike,_Chopper_Concept jollyroger_big lightningrod_big moonshine_big Old_School_Choppers_and_Bobbers rollinsixes_big route6_big suckerpunch_big Thunder_Custom_Chopper

Sources: wallpapers-box.uv.ro wallpapers-diq.com choppershops.com

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