40 Extraordinary Examples of Samurai Photography

40 Extraordinary Examples of Samurai Photography

Samurai, (侍?) is the term for the military nobility of pre-industrial Japan. According to translator William Scott Wilson: “In Chinese, the character 侍 was originally a verb meaning to wait upon or accompany a person in the upper ranks of society, and this is also true of the original term in Japanese, saburau. In both countries the terms were nominalized to mean “those who serve in close attendance to the nobility,” the pronunciation in Japanese changing to saburai.” According to Wilson, an early reference to the word “samurai” appears in the Kokin Wakashū (905-914), the first imperial anthology of poems, completed in the first part of the ninth century.

By the end of the 12th century, samurai became almost entirely synonymous with bushi (武士), and the word was closely associated with the middle and upper echelons of the warrior class. The samurai followed a set of rules that came to be known as Bushidō. While they numbered less than 10% of Japan’s population samurai teachings can still be found today in both everyday life and in martial arts such as Kendō, meaning the way of the sword.

Above you can read short description of term ‘samurai’.This is an good collection i think.It’s inspired by samurai,and i think you will love this collection.All these pictures are not real,they are photoshoped,or it’s done with other picture editor tool.All these pictures i found on Deviant ART , and thanks to deviantARTs users cause they made this very professional.





Afro_samurai_by_HDK  Demon_Samurai_by_Phillybee 

JIN__samurai_champloo_by_Brolo  Mayan_Samurai_by_imaginism 










Samurai_by_Metallllll  Samurai_by_Reine84 Samurai_by_SI_K Samurai_by_YanasPrecursor Samurai_II_by_Hideyoshi samurai_jack_by_samuraiblack SAMURAI_KNIGHT_by_yutori_custom


Samurai_Spirit_5___Slasher_by_Artgerm   Samurai_Spirit_Two_by_Artgerm Samurai_Sugar_by_kassarts Samurai_thing_by_Morriperkele











Very Creative Warrior Drawing And Art Works

Very Creative Warrior Drawing And Art Works

I had a chance to find few cool warrior drawings, which i liked very much. Then i thought it would be nice to make one collection, of drawings and pictures to show you their character. They were the best men in the world, they were strongest, smartest, and they were defending their countries. They are in our hearts, and these pictures are here to show you how designers see them. They are very good inspirations for almost everything and you should take a look at these pictures. I found them on deviant art, and if you like these you should go there, and search for more…. Enjoy in this cool warrior drawings collection.

_The_Warrior__by_Nee_sah 783387491dba470535f9fd0384c8ec17 CG_Male_Study_001_by_LoneWolf64 chaos__s_warrior_by_hyatt92 Cloud_Warrior_by_nkabuto Demonic_Warrior_by_JayAxer Dragon_Warrior_4_by_camilkuoe8662d66f1899fb798eae642912ce9e5  feb0db4c705ef855 Female_Warrior_Ayana_by_MeganeRid Ice_Warrior_by_nathie Imp_Warrior_by_Beloved_Creature Japanese_girl_by_iamFUN Lynx_warrior_by_sandara Mage_and_Warrior_by_hgjart Muscle_muffintop_by_SweMu The_Last_Warrior_by_agnidevi The_Warrior_by_alanlathwell The_Warrior_by_kerembeyit the_warrior_by_yoanndurand TW_warrior_by_cuatrod Warrior  Warrior_by_denebtenohWarrior_by_FayLady warrior_by_GENZOMAN Warrior_by_heise warrior_by_KAN_J Warrior_by_kataclysm Warrior_by_longai warrior_by_RueCalintz warrior_by_serushins Warrior_by_venkatvasa warrior_by_Wen_Xaeroaaa Warrior_Concept_by_Zyklon8B  Warrior_Lady_by_brokenangel Warrior_Queen_by_Gild_a_Lily

Most Beautiful Examples Of Clear 3-Dimensional Art

Most Beautiful Examples Of Clear 3-Dimensional Art

I always loved 3d art. You never know what artist can imagine, he can be creative like God. He have a freedom to make everything he want and to call it art. But, not every art is beautiful. There are many art works that are just bad. Here I collected the most amazing examples of clear 3d art. I tough it would be better to collect best 3d art, than just usual photos and creations. So, I hope, you will enjoy this article, and come again…

6_Years_away_by_Falken41 8b9327277c05fa1383adb305bc4a457d 97e7ae693626ec58c524505fc4629a22 0531_by_yukitan 79662c64463d28397e358319f78712f7 Ambush_by_Glkthread building_2_by_sDeimos building_by_sDeimos Execution_2_by_ExplodingGrape Ferrari_612_GTO___3_by_Samirs girl____by_thaigraff Harley_Davidson_883_Custom_by_inarishrine Milky_Gas_by_Poet1960 Mustang_GT_by_CipSkate My_self_made_Desktop_Wallpaper_by_olki_ch Pandora_Residences_Ent__Night_by_solarseas Sky_and_grass_by_bebekngepotz Sphere_by_seeseep Spirits_of_the_Wood_by_Arileo Year_of_the_Tiger_by_Foulfiends

Source for all Pictures is Deviant ART.

50 Beautiful Examples Of Poppy Photography

50 Beautiful Examples Of Poppy Photography

Aren’t all these poppies beautiful? Can anyone not love them?I think none can do it cause these poppies are maybe better flowers that i see in my live.It will be better if these are wallpapers,but sorry,i couldn’t find flowers,i found only small photos,i mean they are not too small,medium size. All these poppies are made by DeviantArtmembers.So,what can i say except ENJOY!

__Little_ones___by_neslihans __Little_Red_Riding_Hood___by_neslihans _Last_Spring__by_moroka323 _the_last_by_fragilesimplicity _vanitas_by_shiek0r KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA 18cf29fb485f2f4e366a11215c4e8fe9 902a243f5f7a6be5aacecfb144eb1f5d 931ec5a958f0760d4f302c6c421ba5fe 4131_by_spartakustum A_beautiful_day___by_ZanaSoul a_sea_of_lies_by_terataki2005 a14ce64f44e9bd7624b9c4621a5d2963 a987083bce0be38432a2d323828951da b4b5b39da68a23da3798f21d23a23b55 CCX___somewhere_IV__by_behherit CCXXIII____summer_memories_by_behherit dabbf037888a991c94c81e10e4938506 Dark_Poppies_by_dingodave fa2cb8a6b7e8729a212ac469a3d3c506 fcf3c968ec68cfe1d26f65fa70933902 Field_of_gold_by_oriontrail Flower_field_by_Methevas Frosty_poppy_flowers_by_Ele_Art Golden_light_3_by_Floriandra I_hope_you_fine_it_by_TheLastOfDays Landscape_with_red_birds_by_Floriandra Les_coquelicots_du_printemps_by_elmouna lo_sai_che_i_papaveri__by_smokedval love_by_foart Maci_by_D334nn4 midsummer_storm__by_m0thyyku Morning_poppies_by_marcopolo17 Passion_by_DREAMCA7CHER pop_py_art_by_meppol Poppies_aquarel_by_ralucsernatoni Poppies_by_charonferryman 



poppies_by_valyeszter  poppy_poppy_by_matricaria72 Poppy_Storm_by_ilva_R poppygate_by_weltengang Presente_by_ketoo Spring_Observations_by_terataki2005 sun__blue_sky__red_poppies_by_Floriandra Un_coquelicot_dans_ma_culotte_by_mheuf wet_day____by_foart


World Cup 2010 Best Wallpapers And Inspirations

World Cup 2010 Best Wallpapers And Inspirations

World Cup 2010 is almost there. All people in the world are excited. They hope that their country will win. Well see…Here I collected a lot of inspirations and wallpapers of world cup 2010, and i wanted to show you how designers see the world cup. They are excited too, and they are making awesome pictures and wallpapers.


<KENOX S730 / Samsung S730> Animu_World_Cup_2010_by_hoiysaky07 doodle02___Hetalia_cup_2010_by_Subba_kun Fifa_2010__South_Africa_by_MrFenix FIFA_World_Cup_2010_Africa_by_LucasRib FIFA_WORLD_CUP_2010_by_ToGa_Design Fifa_world_Cup_2010_POSTER_by_AgogsDesign Fifa_World_Cup_logo_by_Wetpixels Final_Draw_World_Cup_2010_by_Rndy Football_world_cup_in_Italy_by_Arabella_Dream Inu_in_the_World_Cup_by_belafantasy Lionel_messi_by_CrisVector South_Africa_2010_World_Cup_by_Mirk8 The_Cup_Of_Life_by_RoniaXx Tribute_To_FIFA_World_Cup_2010_by_agoez_depe World_Cup_2010_Blue_by_buonodesign World_cup_2010_Wallpaper_by_MarseilleWien2011 World_Cup___Africa_2010_by_FBende World_Cup__Italy__s_Team_by_JimmyRay World_Cup__Kaka_by_Exhilaratingheart World_Cup_Fever___2010_by_Aetas_Art World_Cup_Fever_by_Saartj1e World_Cup_GER_by_binichs World_Cup_Heroes_by_eduardovieira  World_Cup_South_Africa_2010_by_Dap1987 World_Cup_Tribute_by_abazou World_Cup_Trophy_Wallpaper_by_saberrider Wp__s_Fifa_World_Cup_logo_3_by_Wetpixels

30 Inspiring Santa Clauses That Are Not Real

30 Inspiring Santa Clauses That Are Not Real

It’s summer, not december/january, but don’t we all love santa claus, christmas and new year? Santa gave me inspiration for this post,i searched little on DeviantART and you can see below what i found.I think this article will give inspiration to designer for their next works.I don’t know for you, but i tried to make some santa in photoshop, but i didn’t finish it, trust me, it’s not easy to make it.

5be468485a433b3e094b90fba150ad2d 52c7210f9312bed9ffb7bbf414b4a252 136cfcdbdda36e397ecd9792975d34a0 b83b79f333df2b04c2de88ee2ca0c1dc brophey_claus_by_luve Hooray_for_Santy_Claus_by_jbwarner86 I_Saw_Mommy_Kiss_Santa_Claus_by_CherryGirlUK Merry_Christmas_Santa_Claus_by_Ermy



Santa_by_madstalfos      Santa_Claus_by_McAwful Santa_Claus_by_Rynan5 Santa_claus_by_zero_zero_nine Santa_Claus_by_zimpy222 Santa_Claus_in_snowflake_by_midoriharada Santa_Claus_is_back_by_frenchfox Santa_Claus_is_Coming_to_Town_by_Brodiewan Santa_Claus_is_coming_to_town_by_ToraNoKage13  Santa_Claws_by_dholl Santa_Colors_by_Frigid_Studios Santa_Cthulhu_Comes_to_Town_by_DrChrissy Santa_Ratchet_by_TwinTwosGirl Santa_s_Complaint_by_iiguitarii Satan_Claus_is_Coming_To_Town_by_Giosuke TAC__travel_of_santa_claus___Z_by_zevenstorms





Very Inspiring 3d Robot Illustrations

Very Inspiring 3d Robot Illustrations

Another collection of photos by DeviantART members. This post is about robot illustrations, these are 3d models, and they are very hard to design. Most of them are in futuristic white color, and all of them are just fantastic. Enjoy











































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13 Dreamy Ballon Photography

13 Dreamy Ballon Photography

Another collection of photos by DeviantART members. This post shows really awesome ballon creativity. These photos are in hd resolution. They are full with colors, very bright, and dreamy. __I_have_five_ballon___by_yudiaria_girl_under_ballon_by_tudik Ballon__by_MrsxKakofonie Ballon__s_day_3_by_vanilla_tapes Ballon_by_crazy_bree ballon_by_lashout Ballon_by_mal93 BALLON_by_t_a_n Ballon_in_the_air_by_Stompen Ballon_set_by_LisandroLee Blue_Ballon_by_shawn10000 e37fe29bc1a2d78dcaee17e4990dbab4 Hot_Air_Ballon_by_alphacolor

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