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5 Illustrator tips you must know about

Designers follow one law when they are going about any project, any deadline or any work in mind: creativity…

How to Set Up and Organize Your Home Office

Nowadays, a lot of people are taking up jobs which give them the luxury of working at home. It is a new socio-technological trend that has been spreading all over the world lately, so many households are also becoming offices. That is why workers or employees of all trades should aim to optimize their working […]

Enhance Textures on Your Photos

What precisely is a texture? The expression texture in Photoshop submits to an photo that is used  on top of your own photo that when accustomed via merge modes or cloudiness imparts a “texture” on your photo. The “texture” doesn’t have to be of a material texture, in reality it may possibly be almost everything, […]

Design Lovely Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

When it comes to Valentine’s Day you have a plenty of design possibilities, from e-cards to website adaptations. But now and then it can be a little tricky when trying to solve from where to start. Also you may don’t have enough time to produce what you had in mind entirely from scratch. That’s way […]

Web Design: New Trends in 2014

If you are already long time in this business, then you surely follow the trends and adapt to them, because your customers require you to be innovative, regarding, reliable, and above all to look perfect. Of course, it’s not a big secret, but for those who are just entering the field it can be of […]

Design Beautiful Christmas Tree

It’s Christmas time of year so we are going to show you how to easily in few steps create beautiful Christmas tree to decorate your desktop. This tutorial is very simple and straightforward, and you shouldn’t have any difficulties to create beautiful Christmas tree. All you need is to do is to start your Photoshop […]

Top 3 Free Editing Programs for Photographers

If you are short on cash and can’t quite afford the price tag of software such as Photoshop, fear not, as there are plenty of free editing programs available that will do just the job. Here are our top three programs for budding photographers: GIMP Available for PC and Mac, the GNU Image Manipulation Program […]

Photoshop tutorial: Iris Blur – Depth of Field

If you want to take the photos with shallow depth of field you are going to need some nice lenses, or some very luxurious camera. But, if you are lacking those things do not despair because it is possible to digitally imitate shallow depth of field using our favorite piece of software called Adobe Photoshop. It will […]

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