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Photo Reflection Effect Tutorial

There’s many of you asking is there any solution to create reflection effect in Photoshop like some apps for smartphones does. Well, of course there is, and it is a super easy, so you can add such a reflection to your photos for depth and some complexity. Furthermore once you learn how to make photo […]

Post Production Edits to Improve Your Photographs

With such a wide range of post-production editing software now on the market, available for desktop computers, tablets and smartphones, more photographers are looking to enhance the quality of their images after uploading them. However, the number of features available on programmes like Adobe Photoshop can be overwhelming, meaning it can be easy to either […]

Photoshop Tutorial: How to get X-PRO LOMO look on your pics

Before we get into this adventure, I want to explain in a few words the meaning of X-Pro LOMO title. LOMO is a Russian company that produces optics and cameras, and the term Lomography in professional photography world mean wide-angle, distorted colors, expired film kind of photo aesthetic. So, you get that rustic and yet […]

How to Create Text with Stunning Effect in Photoshop

In previously post we are introducing you with a little secret of Photoshop, so you can easily create stunning designs in just few steps. What we want is to create a simple tutorials so you can learn without some painful troubles alongside. It’s the same with this our new tutorial. It’s a very simple and […]

Be Successful in Designing Banners

Each work connected to design of banners requires some preparation and good organization of the ideas. Here we are going to try to help you with this task. 1. Find Your Own Style Before you start designing, you should be certain what do you like and what do not. Tastes differ, and what others like […]

Tutorial: Create Easter Themed Wallpaper

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to create fun Easter themed wallpaper, with a lot of Easter Eggs, bunnies and hatching birds. Our primary software today is Adobe Illustrator, but we’ll also use Adobe Photoshop for some finishing touches. Fist let’s have a look on what we are going to create:

Tutorial: How to Make Poster in Photoshop

Either that you have a band, or a small business, or even yard sale, a poster is the best way to get informations about it across neighbourhood quickly. There is a many ways to make a beautiful poster, but today maybe the best way is with Photoshop. Later when you create a poster, you can […]

Photoshop Tips & Tricks: Make Instagram Images on Your Computer

In the era of smartphones, application called Instagram reinvented the photo sharing, especially on social networks. The process of making beautiful and artistic images on smartphones is fast and fun, and it’s a whole new way to share your pictures to friends and family. One thing most people like about Instagram is versatility of various […]

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