Latest Photoshop Tips & Tricks – 2018

Latest Photoshop Tips & Tricks – 2018

Photoshop is professional graphics software that offers almost endless possibilities. There are several versions of this software, the most successful being Photoshop CS5. This software highly recommended by SEO agency or magento development, is used by a large number of professionals: architects, designers, illustrators, cartographers ... It allows reworking the photo, ...

Photoshop is professional graphics software that offers almost endless possibilities. There are several versions of this software, the most successful being Photoshop CS5.

This software highly recommended by SEO agency or magento development, is used by a large number of professionals: architects, designers, illustrators, cartographers … It allows reworking the photo, to perform a photomontage the aim to professionalize the graphic creation.

However, it is complex software, abrupt at first glance, which is not as simple and intuitive as basic software like Paint, or even Paint Shop Pro.
It is scientific software that requires a good understanding of its tools and capabilities.

It is necessary to perform several tests to arrive at the desired result. This software actually has different levels of difficulty. Automatic tools like the magic wand facilitate the work of clipping for example. After explanation and a little practice, it is actually very easy to delete a defect on an image or to duplicate part of a shape.

But Photoshop is above all software that provides a great deal of flexibility to the user, who can vary each detail according to his desires, in a rather scientific context (extension of the shadow zone, thickness and hardness of the brush etc …).

An important note: the software is available on Mac and Pc – the differences have now become non-existent, but the keyboard shortcuts are obviously not the same. Because the real ease in Photoshop is precisely in its shortcuts.

Adobe has updated Adobe Photoshop Elements to version 2018. This easy-to-use software allows you to manage, sort, organize, process, publish and print your photos. Here is what the 2018 version brings.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018: Easy Photo Management

One of the problems of novice photographers is to know which their best photos are. It is not always easy to realize that a photo is underexposed when the exposure is not yet well mastered. Or that it lacks sharpness. Or that it has various technical defects and varied.

It is also not easy to carefully sort a large number of recent and older photos to identify series and themes. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 offers a number of automated mechanisms to help you quickly sort your photos and identify the best ones for grouping in series.

Automatic classification

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 scans all the photo files on your computer, identifies different images, and sorts them by dates, places, themes, and people. The software relies for this on the data of your photos (EXIF data) and the analysis of the contents of the images (for the faces by examples).
You can learn more by following the Photoshop Elements tutorials published using previous versions and still relevant.

Automatic selection

Adobe calls this “curation”, which simply means that the software analyzes your photos and detects those with defects:

  • lack of sharpness,
  • over or under exposure,
  • faces with closed eyes,
  • quality of the visual aspect,

If you have trouble choosing your best images, this feature is a great help. You can then refine the work done by the software to keep track of the final selections.

Automated indexing

The indexing of photos is the attribution of key words which then make it possible to identify the themes carried by the photos:

  • that,
  • what,
  • when,
  • where
  • why

Expert software can manage lists of keywords and assign them to each photo manually. Some allow to generate the keywords automatically (for example the recent Lightroom CC).

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 does not go that far, but detects indexing patterns in photos:

  • sunset,
  • birthday party,
  • animals

All these sorting and sorting tools allow you to search a photo easily. The information is managed by the software in the manner of the catalogs of the expert software without having the complexity.

Assisted photo processing

Treating a digital photo is an essential step to give it the look it deserves and want it to be. It is also essential if you use the RAW format since it is a digital negative that requires development.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 lets you adjust various settings like brightness, clarity, contrast of one or more photos. The software can apply these settings to batches of photos at one time. If you use a touch screen computer, you can treat your photos with your fingertip.

Pre-programmed styles and effects

Although the rendering may seem a bit artificial, some photographers like to apply effects to their photos. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 lets you use 49 different effects and edits on your photos. This function has a wizard that allows you to see what will be the final result.

Quick photo editing

Want to change the content of your photos to change the sky or the background of the image that is not nice? Are you a fan of incrustations highlighting (or not …) a specific area of ​​the photo? Do you like pictorial effects like watercolor blur or photo overlay?

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 has different effects that are applied using a wizard like no more expert mode. It’s up to you to dose and think about the final result.

Create visuals and posters

One of the features of Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 is to make it easy to create visuals and posters from your photos. Without having the breadth of possibilities of his big brother Photoshop CC, Elements has a lot to meet the needs of the amateur photographer who wants to create visuals without having to master complex software.

Advanced image processing functions

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 brings advanced processing and image editing capabilities and has little to envy to more expert software.

You can, for example, replace the closed eyes of a child with the same open eyes, on a photo that you like. By what miracle is it possible? The software will simply analyze other photos with the same face, recover the part of the corresponding image and integrate it into the initial image. This is the retouch without manual action on your part.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 allows several transformations like this one to make a child smile. If these functions do not prevent you from properly shooting and learn the picture with the right bases, they can save photos in special cases.

The easy slideshow

Taking pictures is good, showing them is better. Nothing like a well-designed slideshow to show your photos to your loved ones. Neither too many photos nor too little, light animations, juxtapositions of photos, static fusions as dynamic, Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 knows how to do a lot to animate your presentations.

Once your slideshow is finished, export it with photos and music as needed to have it with you without having to carry your computer.

Photo sharing facilitated

You publish your photos on social networks? Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 allows you to post directly to Facebook, like automatically changing your photo profile and cover. A simple way to animate your account and show your photos to your loved ones.

Wine 3.0 running Photoshop CC 2018 on Linux

A new major release of Wine, a compatibility layer for running Windows applications on macOS and Linux (including Android), is available. Wine 3.0 provides support for Direct3D 10/11 APIs, Direct3D’s Command Stream feature, Android graphics drivers, and enhances many other points.

This means in summary that the compatibility of Windows applications is improved. Proof is with the ability to run Photoshop CC 2018 on Linux, according to a user. The installation is not yet as simple as on Windows or macOS, but it works apparently.

Wine is open source and free. If you want to exploit it more simply, there is CrossOver, a “refined” version of Wine sold from 32 € (CrossOver has not yet been updated with Wine 3.0).

The discovery of the new Photoshop version CS6

Photoshop version CS6, stronger, more beautiful

The new photoshop is characterized from the outset by a profound change of graphics. More light colors, just a very specific reminder to photoshop element since version 8.0
In short, black, dark, but still the possibility to differentiate between the software and the lite version, as the new provisions are impressive.
Whether in editing scripts that now intervene in the use of tools, Photoshop is distinguished by strong technological advances.

From the video in photoshop cs6

The first example for the user is the ability to directly integrate changes to the videos he is working on. Some saw flash as the answer to the question, but eventually it hides, ready to disappear in favor of html 5.

Nothing surprising since, in the end, Photoshop becomes the super powerful, and should perhaps in the future be able to directly integrate complete solutions to erase old software from the suite, previously erected macromedia.

Photoshop is also serving drones

The world of drones takes its place and even more and more space.
Working for many service providers, we are integrating more and more post production into desktop publishing.
Whether it is the example of the company Dronelis or for specialists in aerial photography, we treat the image differently for two reasons:

  • The angle of the cameras that force us to make a modification of the lens, largely facilitated by the integrated function since the last photoshop CS6
  • The brightness of the photos delivered is more and more contrasted above 45m of altitude with very often a very marked skyline.

In short, Photoshop CS6 and CC assists us very well on the question, so handy for the post production of images in shooting other than the traditional camera.

Make a light effect on a text with photoshop

A graphic creation is perfect only if the texts are worked correctly and the overall work is taken up.
In this sense, many wish to achieve a light effect.
Yes, but on the condition of being discreet and avoiding the effects of the 2000s.

First you must choose the right font and choose one that does not betray the graphic that you put in your work.

  • Then, right click on the text and pixelate it to work like an image. In case of overflow on one of your effects, it will be easier to work on a pixel layer than on a text.
  • Once done, press the F7 key to bring up the layers.
  • Select your text layer become pixelated
  • Right-click to bring up merge options
  • In these options, on the left you will have a menu: “glow esterne” click on it, it should be in blue background, which shows that it has been selected.
  • In the “structure” square, set the opacity to the desired value, and then choose the color: Avoid white on white, it will not work.

The tools in photoshop: tips and tricks.

Do not click on your moving tool or your hand tool anymore!

Save time when working by pressing the CTRL key (or CMD) to temporarily switch to the move tool (black arrow).
In the same way, if you hold the SPACE BAR you will temporarily switch to the “Main” tool and will be able to move easily in your document.

Rectangle / ellipse selection

Did you know that you can force your selection (rectangular or ellipse) to start at the center of your document by holding down the ALT key while drawing it?
But that’s not all: you can also use the space key to move while drawing. Very practical to avoid having to transform his selection once drawn!

Important also, by pressing the SHIFT key or the ALT key, you can add or subtract zones to your active selection. SHIFT + ALT together allows you to intersect your selections.

You can transform your selection, like a layer. Just go through the “Selection”> “Transform Selection” menu. Do not use the usual transformation tool (CTRL + T) because it will transform the contents of the selection and not the selection itself.

Brushes, pencils and other painting tools

Do you use Photoshop for digital painting? Here are some tips worthy of the best Photoshop gurus:

  • Do not waste time trying to adjust the size and hardness of your brush, by pressing FN + ALT (or CTRL + ALT on Mac) while moving your mouse up or down (for hardness) and right or the left (for thickness), you can do all these settings instantly!
  • To navigate from your brush shape to the next, use the “,” and “. You can also reach the first form with the “<” key and the last with the “>” key
  • Changing the angle of your shape can be useful: click on the brush shape icon in the options bar at the top and use the circle “viewfinder” to change the angle.
  • Draw a straight line with your tool “Brush” by clicking a first point, then hold SHIFT and click a second point to draw the line between these 2 points.
  • When your “Brush” tool is selected, hold down the ALT key to temporarily switch to the “Eyedropper” tool to sample a color.
  • Another shortcut that will save you a lot of time, especially when working with merge masks: Use the “X” key to invert your foreground and background color.
  • Save time by pressing the “D” key to reset your background and foreground colors to Black and White.
  • A really hidden function for drawing in Photoshop CC is the Paint Symmetry function.
    To activate it, go to the menu “Edit” (on PC) or “Photoshop CC” (on Mac) then “Preferences” then “Technology Insights” and check the box “Enable paint symmetry”.

You can then work a symmetry drawing directly in Photoshop by going to the option bar at the top and clicking on the “Butterfly” icon.
By testing the options in this menu, you can easily create kaleidoscopic graphics or mandalas.

Polygonal Lasso / Lasso

When using the lasso, did you know that you can switch at any time on the polygonal lasso during your selection plot by holding ALT and releasing the mouse button?

Pen Tool

The Pen tool is unavoidable for some precise trimming operations. Yet it is one of the most complicated tools to use. These tips will help you make it easier to use.

  • When using the Pen, you can ask to make a preview of the following curve, to be sure of your plot. To do this, simply select your pen tool and in the options bar at the top, click on the options icon and check the “Show displacement” box.
  • When drawing a path with the Pen tool, do not hesitate to hold down the CTRL key (or CMD) to temporarily switch to your direct selection tool (white arrow). You can improve your layout as you go, while tracing your shape.
  • To add a point to your track, hover over the track and the pen will automatically switch to “Add Point” mode.
  • To remove the rockers from a point and transform it into a right angle, hold ALT and click on the point.
    Conversely, to create pendulums on a point, hold down ALT and click and drag your mouse outside the point to get the pendulums out.
  • Once your track has been created, remember that you have access to many options by right clicking on this track.
  • To turn any selection into a plot: go to the “Tracks” panel and click on the “Convert a selection to a track” icon

Text Tool

  • To place an image inside your text, nothing is easier on the last version of Photoshop, you just have to place the layer of the image to be embedded above your text layer, to select it then to right-click and select “Create Clipping Mask”.

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