Beautiful Emotional Photo Manipulations

Beautiful Emotional Photo Manipulations

Amazing and beautiful Photo manipulations revolving around female emotions.

Some of the most amazing manipulations by awesome manipulators  from Deviant Art. Each and every artwork tells a story and for that i suggest read the title before you see the artwork. I hope you like it .

All Artworks are gathered from Deviant Art and Properly Linked Back.


20 photoshop tutorials for creating wallpaper

20 photoshop tutorials for creating wallpaper

These are not easy tutorials.If you are beginner in photoshop, probably your wallpaper wouldn’t be success.These are not the best tutorials on the internet, it’s the best what we found for you. The best ways to experiment and try new things with Photoshop is to create wallpaper.You can done these tutorials for approximately 20 minutes or for little less times.So, let’s start with our list,it’s not sorted by quality or difficulty.

1. Typography Wallpaper in Photoshop

(click on image for tutorial)

2. Create an Intensely Grungy Wallpaper

(click on image for tutorial)

3. Abstract Lines Background

(click on image for tutorial)

4.Turning a Picture Vintage

(click on image for tutorial)

5. Vector Wallpaper Tutorial

(click on image for tutorial)

6.Old Photos Wallpaper Tutorial

(click on image for tutorial)

7.Knight Rider Wallpaper Tutorial

(click on image for tutorial)

8.Team Fortress 2 Wallpaper

(click on image for tutorial)

9.Water drops on a spider web

(click on image for tutorial)

10.Using Some Free Stuff to Create a Wallpaper

(click on image for tutorial)

11.Abstract Art Wallpaper

(click on image for tutorial)

12.Design a Vista Styled Wallpaper

(click on image for tutorial)

13.Marine Wallpaper

(click on image for tutorial)

14.Abstract Christmas wallpaper

(click on image for tutorial)

15.Beautiful Rainbow Island Wallpaper

(click on image for tutorial)

16.Create A Glowing Extreme Wallpaper

(click on image for tutorial)

17.Fire Dragon

(click on image for tutorial)

18.Distant Desert City Scene

(click on image for tutorial)

19.Screamusic Wallpaper

(click on image for tutorial)

20.Design a Music Wallpaper Montage


(click on image for tutorial)


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How to make shiny web 2.0 buttons

How to make shiny web 2.0 buttons

So, you have your blog/website and you want to make it like web 2.0 sites? It’s not hard you can do it in a few minutes.Well, lets start with this tutorial. First you need to make new psd file.

go to    file–>>>>>new

You will see menu like this one in the picture below.


Now you should set dimensions of  picture and background contents.Width and height are your choice. Background should be transparent for the best performance.

First you need to draw an rounded rectangle.


When you select this option you need to draw it.


Now you have simple rounded button, it’s not very cool, right?Your next job is to make it feel like web 2.0 . For this you need photoshop feature called gradient.


Like you see on picture above, on the right side of your screen you need to check layers (1), photoshop had automatically set your background layer.Now you need to click on fx (2) and then click on Gradient overlay (3).After you have done this steps you should see menu in the picture below.


Now you need to set options like on picture.Set blend mode as normal,opacity should be about 50%. You don’t need to change rest options cause it will be like on the picture above.Click on ok and you will see your web 2.0 button.


Also you can use different options than we used.You can change opacity,blend mode,you can reverse axis…It’s very easy all you need to have is idea!

The simpliest way to scale picture in photoshop

The simpliest way to scale picture in photoshop

Have you ever asked yourself how to scale picture via photoshop? It’s very easy, you can do that in a few easy steps. This is tutorial for beginners, everyone can do this. Everybody can learn how to scale an image in Photoshop. Well, lets start..

First you should select you layer.

On the right side of your desktop you should see LAYERS

It’s marked as ‘1’ on this picture.When you click on layers you should see panel like this one on picture marked as ‘2’.

(click on image for full size)

Next step is in top panel.


IT’s showed on picture below…

(click on image for full size)

After you done these steps, you will see gray border around selected layer.

(click on image for full size)

Now you can scaling down/up selected layer.You just need to click on some rectangle on gray border line, hold on click and move your mouse to scale your layer.

(click on image for full size)

So,it didn’t hurt? It was really ease and short tutorial how to scale a photo in Photoshop.

16 great header designs – design sites

16 great header designs – design sites

1. PsDeluxe


PsDeluxe is an ultimate delight for all Photoshop enthusiasts. Armed with a huge pool of information regarding the tools and tactics of Photoshop, it aims to become a one-stop hub in the near future for everyone who loves Photoshop.
As you go through the Photoshop tutorials listed here, you can hone your skills in the software with easy to read instructions provided under several categories such as Photo Retouch, Drawing, Web Layouts, Text Effects and Web layouts. However, in case you wish to grasp some advanced skills in the above mentioned categories, Video Tuts section of the website would prove to be of great help to you. View the amazing videos that brief free tutorialsthat relate to Photoshop and add onto to your knowledge and skills.

2. Little Box Of Ideas


I am Shutter Happy. My camera is a constant fixture in my bag. I love experimenting with angles and love the challenge of getting that elusive shot!. I am visual and colourful and an explorer. I love to cook. If I wouldn’t have been a designer I would’ve been a Chef. Words feed my soul. I am a voracious reader and prefer books over movies. I am quite addicted to word games. I like to observe and absorb, always game for new things.

3. Colorburned


4. DesignInformer


5. NaldzGraphics


6. WpRecipes


7. PV.Mgarage


8. Tutorial9


9. WebDesignerDepot


10. TrippingWords


Most beautiful social icons sets

Most beautiful social icons sets

This is a list of my the best social icons compilation.As you see, some of them i’m using on this blog.They are really cool.When people are making their sites, it’s hard for them to choise what social icons to use because on the internet is too many beautiful social icon sets. That is a reason why i made this collection, to help new web designers,to make their choosing easier. Enjoy

1. Socialize icon set


This icon set contains all most popular icons. There are 12 free icons in 5 sizes: 16x16px, 32x32px, 48x48px, 64x64px and 128x128px and 32-bit transparency PNG file format.

2. Web 2.0 origami


There are 15 transparent icons in png and psd formats.

3. Social Media Icons Pack


There are 3 sizes: 128×128, 64×64 and 32×32. You have 17 icons: Blogger, Delicious, DesignFloat, Digg, Facebook, Flickr, Google, a heart icon, MySpace, Reddit, an RSS icon, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Twitter, WordPress, Yahoo! and YouTube.

4. 27 Free Wooden Badges – Social Icon Pack

27 Free Wooden Badges – Social Icon Pack

5. Vintage Stamp Social Media Icon Pack


6. 6 Free Social Icons


7. Cheers: A Free “Social” Icon Set


8. FREE Icon Set for Bloggers


9. 24 Free Exclusive Vector Icons: ‘Handy’


10. Free Furry Cushions Social Icons Set


11. Woven Fabric Social Media Icon Set by Webdesigner Depot


12. 3D Social Media Icon Pack | 20 Icon Set

3D Social Media Icon Pack - 20 Icon Set

13. Social Bookmarking Character Set

Social Bookmarking Character Set

14. Free High-Resolution Social-Media Iconset – PriceTag Style

Free High-Resolution Social-Media Iconset – PriceTag Style

15. Gloss’d – A Free Icon Set

Gloss’d – A Free Icon Set

16. 8 National Flag Icon Sets

8 National Flag Icon Sets

17. Free Icons: Grunge Peeling Stickers Social Media Icons

Grunge Peeling Stickers Social Media Icons

18. Free Icon Pack: Bevel Dark Social Icons

Bevel Dark Social Icons

19. Free Social Moleskin Icon Set For Bloggers And Designers

Free Social Moleskin Icon Set For Bloggers And Designers - little box of ideas

20. Free iPhone Social Bookmarking Icon Set 1 For Serious Addicts

Free iPhone Social Bookmarking Icon Set For Serious Addicts

21. Balloon Social media icon set

Balloon Social media icon set

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