101 free premium wordpress themes

101 free premium wordpress themes

1. Mystique


Feature-packed theme with a solid design, built-in widgets and a intuitive theme settings interface… Designed by digitalnature.

Download: Mystique
Theme Homepage: Mystique
Preview: Mystique

2. Auroral Theme


A high quality FLASH theme inspired from northern sky. Perfect cross browser, support IE6 and IE7,Firefox2 and 3, Opera, Safari. W3C XHTML valid and SEO friendly. Available for version WorePress2.3 and higher. Contains beautiful auroral FLASH. Version 2.1.0 include preset language of English, Japanese, German and Spanish. Version histories are here.

Download: Auroral
Theme Homepage: Auroral
Theme Preview: Auroral

3. THAT Music Theme


Thatagency.com Music Blog Theme

Download: THAT Music Theme
Theme Homepage: THAT Music Theme
Theme Preview: THAT Music Theme

4. Arras Theme


Magazine-styled theme with tons of features. Ready for alternate styles. Includes featured posts slideshow, different post layouts, multi-tabbed sidebar, custom single meta fields for reviews and many other customisable features.

Download: Arras Theme
Theme Homepage: Arras Theme
Theme Preview: Arras Theme

5. HeatMap Adsense Theme


HeatMap Theme has 12 widget positions, an extensive options page, is SEO optimised, and hooks right into your Google Analytics and Google FeedBurner. As the name suggests its Adsense ready (yes, you can also use other ad networks too) with options specifically designed for creating ad widgets.

Download: HeatMap Adsense Theme
Theme Homepage: HeatMap Adsense Theme
Theme Preview: HeatMap Adsense Theme

6. Stripes theme


Dark WordPress theme, with 3 columns layout, widget-ready, translation-ready, and very easy to configure and personalize. Compatible with WordPress 2.8+. Enjoy!

Download: Stripes theme
Theme Homepage: Stripes theme
Theme Preview: Stripes theme

7. News Magazine Theme 640


Build a newspaper or magazine style blog with News Magazine Theme 640. Showcase 5 featured categories on your index page. Single posts and pages use 3 column display with one of two sidebars being movable. Add google analytics from theme options. Add title graphic in place of text graphic. Hide leaderboard ad section if not needed. Hide 120 by 600 filler section if not needed.

Download: News Magazine Theme 640
Theme Homepage: News Magazine Theme 640
Theme Preview: News Magazine Theme 640

8. GoodTheme Lead


Profi WordPress theme with five colour schemes, two/three columns, six widget areas and tons of functions. Automatic post thumbnail, Featured posts, Control Panel in sidebar, Dropdown page and category menu. Powerfull theme options menu (including: Logo change, Exclude categories feature, Category description, Customizable sidebar layout, great Ads manager, About Me image and text feature, Featured video section, Social Manager).

Download: GoodTheme Lead
Theme Homepage: GoodTheme Lead
Theme preview: GoodTheme Lead

9. Organic Theme


Organic by The Forge Web Creations | 3 Colour Options, Full Options Panel, Social Networking Setup, Tabbed Sidebar, Feedburner Support, Google Analytics Support, Custom Logo, Custom Navigation

Download: Organic Theme
Theme Homepage: Organic Theme
Theme Preview: Organic Theme

10. ChocoTheme


Stylish WordPress theme with two columns, right-sidebar. Tested in all major browsers. If you need support with this theme head over to the author’s website.

Download: ChocoTheme
Theme Homepage: ChocoTheme
Theme Preview: ChocoTheme

11. Bueno


Bueno is a clean, minimalistic design which just oozes sophistication in both it’s typography & structure. Stripped of all fancy design elements; the reader’s focus should be on the great content that you produce. Bueno is perfect for the regular (and not-so-regular) blogger.

Download: Bueno
Theme Homepage: Bueno
Theme Preview: Bueno

12. Rockstar


Adii’s previous custom design for his successful personal blog is now available as a free theme. It’s simple layout, and clean colour palette means easy customizations to this neatly coded theme on the ever-popular WooThemes framework.

Download: Rockstar
Theme Homepage: Rockstar
Theme Preview: Rockstar

13. Mainstream


A vibrant personal blog theme with a colourful selection of styles, built on WooThemes flexible theme framework, boasting a selection of theme options, most importantly it’s FREE!

Download: Mainstream
Theme Homepage: Mainstream
Theme Preview: Mainstream

14. Meta-Morphosis


Meta-Morphosis is a visually-rich personal blog, with a magazine layout approach. Incorporating some nifty javascript font replacement and javascript widget slider in the footer, Meta-Morphosis should meet all of your personal blogging needs.

Download: Meta_Morphosis
Theme Homepage: Meta_Morphosis
Theme Preview: Meta_Morphosis

15. Irresistible


Irresistible is a visually-rich personal blog, with a little bit of a multimedia focus. Incorporating some nifty video-options and widgets, Irresistible should meet all of your personal blogging needs. Just add your content to the mix.

Download: Irresistible
Theme Homepage: Irresistible
Theme Preview: Irresistible

16. BlogTheme


BlogTheme does the simple things well and therein lies to power of this personal blog theme: great structure, trendy style and some nifty jQuery effects in the sidebar. So what’s left for you to do? Well, you can start by adding content…

Download: BlogTheme
Theme Homepage: BlogTheme
Theme Preview: BlogTheme

17. Typebased


Typebased is a free, personal blog design, with a very clean and elegant style. Along with the great design, we’ve also included all of the other Woo goodies in the backend i.e. custom widgets, integrated banner ad management etc.

Download: Typebased
Theme Homepage: Typebased
Theme Preview: Typebased

18. Snapshot


Snapshot is the framework-equivalent of our very own WooThemes Showcase – so that already guarantees you an awesome experience! Snapshot is also flexible and can be used for either a photo showcase, portfolio or design gallery.

Download: Snapshot
Theme Homepage: Snapshot
Theme Preview: Snapshot

19. The Original Premium News


The Original Premium News Theme, was the very first premium theme that we ever released. This theme may be a bit rough around the edges (in terms of its looks), but we’ve used the same solid base for all our subsequent themes. Enjoy this themes’ minimalistic beauty and make it your own today!

Download: The Original Premium News
Theme Homepage: The Original Premium News
Theme Preview: The Original Premium News

20. Magazine Drome


Simple Magazine Theme.

Download: Magazine Drome
Theme Homepage: Magazine Drome
Theme Preview: Magazine Drome

21. Vina


Vina is Another Grid Based Layout, Magazine Stle, Shadow Effect, Auto Grabbed Image and many more.

Download: Vina
Theme Homepage: Vina
Theme Preview: Vina

22. Fresh-Blog


A premium quality magazine wordpress theme for your blog. Has a nice fresh look to it + a very nice layout.

Download: Fresh-Blog
Theme Homepage: Fresh-Blog
Theme Preview: Fresh-Blog

23. Sandfish


The Sandfish Theme is a light two-column WordPress Theme in traditional blog magazine style. It based on Grid 960 with a fixed width and a lot of useful theme options that enables you to customize everything.

Download: Sandfish
Theme Homepage: Sandfish
Theme Preview: Sandfish

24. Technical Speech


A magazine like layout, developers and writers friendly theme. Compatible with WordPress 2.7 and greater. Theme options, 3 dynamic sidebars, dropdown menus with jQuery. Updated : Multiple headers, a third widget added, ‘About Me’ box fully customizable, totally revised look…

Download: Technical Speech
Theme Homepage: Technical Speech
Theme Preview: Technical Speech

25. Sirup


A simple magazine and blog layout, easy to customize through an options page. Fast loading CSS-only theme with support for Gravatars and Sidebar Widgets. Working demo / FAQ.

Download: Sirup
Theme Homepage: Sirup
Theme Preview: Sirup

26. Swift


SWIFT, as the name says, is the fastest loading, SEO optimized, Adsense ready, server friendly wordpress theme. It features Magazine layout,two different header styles, tabbed interface, a featured post slider, 5 custom widgets. Bundled with lot of options to build your own unique, professional and browser-safe WordPress Theme, SWIFT is the perfect choice for those who need a powerful and customizable theme. SWIFT has a active user community to help you with support queries.

Download: Swift
Theme Homepage: Swift
Theme Preview: Swift

27. Sun City


A darker accessible theme that makes full use of orange, green, red, blue and yellow to provide a graphically rich display. The theme includes customised attachment & image templates. Sticky post highlighting, threaded comments and post thumbnails supported.

Download: Sun City
Theme Homepage: Sun City
Theme preview: Sun City

28. Fancy


“Fancy” is a free WordPress theme which really lets your blog stand out from the crowd. Make your blog unique by changing the main blog color (pink, yellow, green), background pattern (available over 20 background variations), banner etc through an options page. In addition you have the ability to choose the color of sidebar blocks (violet, yellow, green). Tech folks might find interesting that we built this theme based on css framework “Blueprint”. Valid CSS & HTML. Designed by AZ Money Web Design.

Download: Fancy
Theme Homepage: Fancy
Theme Preview: Fancy

29. Morning Coffee


Current events and a cup of coffee two things that definately go together. This 2 column design gives off the vibe of chatting about today’s news over a cup of coffee. Relaxing, friendly and informative just what we all want our blogs to be!

Download: Morning Coffee
Theme Homepage: Morning Coffee
Theme Preview: Morning Coffee

30. Panorama


2 column theme, compatible with WP2.8 and threaded-comments – add your own header image – 6 backgrounds, left or right sidebar, link/hover colors, jQuery dropdown page menu, and twitter badge all fully customizable – licenced under the GPL. Language localization supported, DA, AR, DE, FR, IT, NL, ES, TR.

Download: Panorama
Theme Homepage: Panorama
Theme Preview: Panorama

31. Nature


Another approach on a magazine like three col fixed theme with custom painting.

Download: Nature
Theme Homepage: Nature
Theme Preview: Nature

32. Tweetsheep


Magazine style theme with featured posts and twitter support

Download: Tweetsheep
Theme Homepage: Tweetsheep
Theme Preview: Tweetsheep

33. Regal


Regal is a clean theme with an optional magazine layout with two columns, fixed width, widget ready. Theme has valid CSS and valid XHTML and compatible with wordpress 2.8.5. Regal WordPress Theme Designed by Gauson Design.

Download: Regal
Theme Homepage: Regal
Theme Preview: Regal

34. Aubogasta


This theme is a modification of “Projection Template” that was designed by Template World for Smashing Magazine. Our wordpress version is a two-column theme with a moveable sidebar (left or right). Includes theme-options to display an icon in the top right of the header that links to your twitter page, add your google analytics to your footer, place an ad or other content in your sidebar as well as in the gray rounded box in the top right, and setup feedburner if using feedburner. You also have the option of using a graphic for your site title instead of text.

Download: Aubogasta
Theme Homepage: Aubogasta
Theme Preview: Aubogasta

35. Wire News


Wire News is a free premium WordPress theme with featured content option and supports the post thumbnails. Suitable for any niche, especially for news or magazine sites. Theme Options at admin panel.

Download: Wire News
Theme Homepage: Wire News
Theme Preview: Wire News

36. Honorarlum Mag


A beautiful 2 columns magazine style wordpress theme with featured posts slider,google adsense and admin control panel.

Download: Honorarlum Mag
Theme Homepage: Honorarlum Mag
Theme Preview: Honorarlum Mag

37. WP-Fusion5


3 column theme with powerful admin panel and special feature like feature gallery and dropdown menu. Gain full control over theme with total control admin panel with function like Youtube Video Integration, Social Media ready and smooth ads management.

Download: WP-Fusion5
Theme Homepage: WP-Fusion5
Theme Preview: WP-Fusion5

38. Abstract Casino Blogging


Abstract Casino Blogging WordPress Theme

Download: Abstract Casino Blogging
Theme Homepage: Abstract Casino Blogging
Theme Preview: Abstract Casino Blogging

39. Dravis


Dravis is a free premium WordPress theme with featured content option. Suitable for any niche. Theme Options at admin panel.

Download: Dravis
Theme Homepage: Dravis
Theme Preview: Dravis

40. White Mag


Free, clean and beautifull magazine wordpress theme, with autoscrolling content slider built in and theme options.

Download: White Mag
Theme Homepage: White Mag
Theme Preview: White Mag

41. Smack Gadget


Premium wordpress theme, gadget, technology, mp3, lcd, ps3, xbox, games, simple, light.

Download: Smack Gadget
Theme Homepage: Smack Gadget
Theme Preview: Smack Gadget

42. Kimono Hosting


Premium wordpress theme by Alexander X of freewptheme.info.

Download: Kimono Hosting
Theme Homepage: Kimono Hosting
Theme Preview: Kimono Hosting

43. Trista


Trista is a free premium WordPress theme with theme options page and featured content. Suitable for any niche.

Download: Trista
Theme Homepage: Trista
Theme Preview: Trista

44. WP-Fusion3


3 column theme with powerful admin panel and special feature like feature gallery and dropdown menu. Gain full control over theme with total control admin panel with function like Youtube Video Integration, Social Media ready and smooth ads management.

Download: WP-Fusion3
Theme Homepage: WP-Fusion3
Theme Preview: WP-Fusion3

45. Purpress


Purpress is a 3 columns fixed width WordPress theme developed by MagPress. This theme comes with easy to use theme options for its addon features such as featured content slider, adsense settings and many more.

Download: Purpress
Theme Homepage: Purpress
Theme Preview: Purpress

46. ZDesign


This is a FREE Premium Theme,Bright and colorful theme with 2 column fixed width right sidebar, widget & multi-language ready. Provided free from Wparchive.com

Download: ZDesign
Theme Homepage: ZDesign
Theme Preview: ZDesign

47. Glorius


Glorius a free WordPress theme with options page. Supports the post thumbnails. Suitable for any niche.

Download: Glorius
Theme Homepage: Glorius
Theme Preview: Glorius

48. Simplebox


Download: Simplebox
Theme Homepage: Simplebox
Theme Preview: Simplebox

49. Trimass


Download: Trimass
Theme Homepage: Trimass
Theme Preview: Trimass

50. Expensil


3 Columns
Automatic Thumbnails Creation
Ready for Social Bookmarks

Download: Expensil
Theme Homepage: Expensil
Theme Preview: Expensil

51. Poker master no.3


* ads ready (125×125 ad spots)
* widget ready, rss ready, gravatar ready
* xhtml & css valid
* crossbrowser compatible (working in all major browsers)

Download: Poker master no.3
Theme Homepage: Poker master no.3
Theme Preview: Poker master no.3

52. Slim down now


This WP Premium Theme is a vector based totally unique theme. It has a Header vector image and superb web 2.0 color palette with clean coding for easy modification. It has featured post slider in top, special cufon fonts that makes the theme better looking, 125×125 ready ad blocks, automated tabs in the sidebar. It also supports gravtar and flickrRSS, and has no issues with browsers compatibility. Valid HTML and CSS and checked onto latest WP 2.9. you can modify the theme in the Theme Options page. Theme also supports Post Thumbnails.

Download: Slim down now
Theme Homepage: Slim down now
Theme Preview: Slim down now

53. Sky


This WP Premium Theme is a vector based totally unique theme. It has a Header vector image and superb web 2.0 color palette with clean coding for easy modification. It has featured post slider in top, special cufon fonts that makes the theme better looking, 125×125 ready ad blocks, automated tabs in the sidebar. It also supports gravtar and flickrRSS, and has no issues with browsers compatibility. Valid HTML and CSS and checked onto latest WP 2.9. you can modify the theme in the Theme Options page. Theme also supports Post Thumbnails.

Download: Sky
Theme Homepage: Sky
Theme Preview: Sky

54. Awes


Awes is a free premium WordPress theme with featured content option and supports the post thumbnails. Suitable for any niche. Theme Options at admin panel.

Download: Awes
Theme Homepage: Awes
Theme Preview: Awes

55. Selena


Selena is a free WordPress theme with featured posts option. Suitable for any niche. Theme Options at admin panel.

Download: Selena
Theme Homepage: Selena
Theme Preview: Selena

56. Pex Mag


Free beautifull magazine wordpress theme, with content slider built in and theme options.

Download: Pex Mag
Theme Homepage: Pex Mag
Theme Preview: Pex Mag

57. Remixzone


3 columns premium movie WordPress theme

Download: Remixzone
Theme Homepage: Remixzone
Theme Preview: Remixzone

58. TheNewsMag Theme


TheNewsMag Theme is a Minimalist 3 Column Theme that is perfect for presenting News Columns or Articles. The Theme has a Featured News Slider and uses Image Thumbnails per post. It is widget ready, advertisement ready and an easily customizable theme to use. Works in IE7, IE8, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and on the Latest version of WordPress 2.9 and below.

Download: TheNewsMag Theme
Theme Homepage: TheNewsMag Theme
Theme Preview: TheNewsMag Theme

59. Liberation


Liberation is the latest News- magazine type of wordPress theme from web2feel.com. This is a widgetized 3 column theme with a magazine layout for the home page. Theme holds a featured post section in which posts from a featured category is displayed in a tabbed content style. a The home page displays latest posts and posts from specific categories. Theme also comes with a customizable “about us section” , Twitter widget, Featured video etc.

Download: Liberation
Theme Homepage: Liberation
Theme Preview: Liberation

60. Kurosagi Hosting


Premium wordpress theme by Alexander X of freewptheme.info

Download: Kurosagi Hosting
Theme Homepage: Kurosagi Hosting
Theme Preview: Kurosagi Hosting

61. Rodopi


Rodopi is a free premium WordPress theme with featured content option and supports the post thumbnails. Suitable for any niche. Theme Options at admin panel.

Download: Rodopi
Theme Homepage: Rodopi
Theme Preview: Rodopi

62. Vitalis


Vitalis is a free premium WordPress theme with featured content option and supports the post thumbnails. Suitable for any niche. Theme Options at admin panel.

Download: Vitalis
Theme Homepage: Vitalis
Theme Preview: Vitalis

63. Valentine-Magazine


Valentine-Magazinen is a free WordPress theme with options page. Suitable for any niche.

Download: Valentine-Magazine
Theme Homepage: Valentine-Magazine
Theme Preview: Valentine-Magazine

64. Intertek


Intertek is a free WordPress theme with options page. Suitable for any niche.

Download: Intertek
Theme Homepage: Intertek
Theme Preview: Intertek

65. Erratic


* magazine layout
* options page
* logo image vs text title (selected in the theme’s options page)
* featured video vs featured gallery (selected in the theme’s options page)
* specific gallery posts vs. random gallery posts (selected in the theme’s options page)
* ads ready
* tabbed widget
* most popular posts (no plugin needed)
* automated thumbnails (converts images attached to posts)
* crossbroswer compatible (tested in all major browsers)
* working with the last version of WP and lower

Download: Erratic
Theme Homepage: Erratic
Theme Preview: Erratic

66. Extreme Gamer


Free beautifull gaming wordpress theme, with flash content slider built in, collapsibile content column and theme options.

Download: Extreme Gamer
Theme Homepage: Extreme Gamer
Theme Preview: Extreme Gamer

67. Expression


Expression is a 2 columns fixed width WordPress theme developed by MagPress. Expression theme comes with fully customizable on-site settings such as featured content slider, auto thumb and post excerpt, Adsense ready and more.

Download: Expression
Theme Homepage: Expression
Theme Preview: Expression

68. Blue News


Blue News is a free WordPress theme with featured posts option. Suitable for any niche. Theme Options at admin panel.

Download: Blue News
Theme Homepage: Blue News
Theme Preview: Blue News

69. Forest Path



* options page
* lava lamp menu
* logo image vs text title in the header
* enable / disable post excerpts
* enable / disable post thumbnails
* widget ready, gravatar ready, rss ready
* built in page navigation
* cross-browser compatible (tested in all major browsers)
* working with the last version of WP and lower

Download: Forest Path
Theme Homepage: Forest Path
Theme Preview: Forest Path

70. Virtualbrown


Easy Theme Installation and gallery settings Admin Options Panel Inbuilt Featured Posts Gallery 2 columns Inbuilt Social Bookmarking Widgets Ready Nested Comments Ready Optional google adsense Sidebar Flicker Images Compatible with latest wordpress version and previous versions.

Download: Virtualbrown
Theme Homepage: Virtualbrown
Theme Preview: Virtualbrown

71. Escree


Download: Escree
Theme Homepage: Escree
Theme Preview: Escree

72. Emescale


Download: Emescale
Theme Homepage: Emescale
Theme Preview: Emescale

73. Flavias


Download: Flavias
Theme Homepage: Flavias
Theme Preview: Flavias

74. Solio


Download: Solio
Theme Homepage: Solio
Theme Preview: Solio

75. Sophia


Download: Sophia
Theme Homepage: Sophia
Theme Preview: Sophia

76. Tutorialicious


Download: Tutorialicious
Theme Homepage: Tutorialicious
Theme Preview: Tutorialicious

77. Tripress


Download: Tripress
Theme Homepage: Tripress
Theme Preview: Tripress

78. Blueguess


Download: Blueguess
Theme Homepage: Blueguess
Theme Preview: Blueguess

79. Starcad


Download: Starcad
Theme Homepage: Starcad
Theme Preview: Starcad

80. Crisona


Download: Crisona
Theme Homepage: Crisona
Theme Preview: Crisona

81. Corponisa


Download: Corponisa
Theme Homepage: Corponisa
Theme Preview: Corponisa

82. Mysticism


Download: Mysticism
Theme Homepage: Mysticism
Theme Preview: Mysticism

83. Silverstar


Download: Silverstar
Theme Homepage: Silverstar
Theme Preview: Silverstar

84. Sensor


Download: Sensor
Theme Homepage: Sensor
Theme Preview: Sensor

85. Extend


Download: Extend
Theme Homepage: Extend
Theme Preview: Extend

86. VoucherMag


Download: VoucherMag
Theme Homepage: VoucherMag
Theme Preview: VoucherMag

87. trivavista


Download: trivavista
Theme Homepage: trivavista
Theme Preview: trivavista

88. cookingimix


Download: cookingimix
Theme Homepage: cookingimix
Theme Preview: cookingimix

89. Blacko wp theme


Download: Blacko wp theme
Theme Homepage: Blacko wp theme
Theme Preview: Blacko wp theme

90. santanox


Download: santanox
Theme Homepage: santanox
Theme Preview: santanox

91. pinkiview


Download: pinkiview
Theme Homepage: pinkiview
Theme Preview: pinkiview

92. celloni


Download: celloni
Theme Homepage: celloni
Theme Preview: celloni

93. couponiva


Download: couponiva
Theme Homepage: couponiva
Theme Preview: couponiva

94. family


Download: family
Theme Homepage: family
Theme Preview: family

95. Midtone Magazine


A 3 Column dark Blogging WordPress Theme. Packed with features like Featured Post Slideshow. It is widget ready, advertisement ready and an easily customizable theme to use. Works in IE7, IE8, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and on the Latest version of WordPress 2.9 and below.

Download: Midtone Magazine
Theme Homepage: Midtone Magazine

96. City Blue Sky


Light and colorful theme with lovely blue city skyline. 2 columns fixed width right sidebar, widget & multi-language ready.

Download: City Blue Sky
Theme Homepage: City Blue Sky
Theme Preview: City Blue Sky

97. New York at Night


Beautiful theme featuring New York’s skyline at night 2 column fixed width right sidebar, widget & multi-language ready.

Download: New York at Night
Theme Homepage: New York at Night

98. Blue Skin


* options page
* 2 layouts available (blog and magazine, configured in the options page)
* when selected, the magazine layout offers 4 different color schemes for the home page posts (also configurable in the options page)
* logo image vs text title in the header (configured in the options page)
* featured posts gallery (easily configurable through the means of custom fields)
* post excerpts (optional – configurable in the options page)
* post thumbnails (optional – configurable in the options page)
* page navigation built in
* css rounded corners
* widget ready, rss ready, gravatar ready
* social networking widget included
* crossbrowser compatible (tested in firefox, Opera, safari, Google Chrome, IE)
* working with the last version of WP and lower

Download: Blue Skin
Theme Homepage: Blue Skin
Theme Preview: Blue Skin

99. Tribune Magazine


Free beautifull magazine wordpress theme, with content slider built in, collapsibile content column and theme options.

Download: Tribune Magazine
Theme Homepage: Tribune Magazine
Theme Preview: Tribune Magazine

100. Dracaena


Dracaena is a free premium WordPress theme with featured content option and supports the post thumbnails. Suitable for any niche. Theme Options at admin panel.

Download: Dracaena
Theme Homepage: Dracaena
Theme Preview: Dracaena

101. Prolet


Prolet is a free WordPress theme with options page. Supports the post thumbnails. Suitable for any niche.

Download: Prolet
Theme Homepage: Prolet
Theme Preview: Prolet

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How to show a facebook fans box in wordpress sidebar

How to show a facebook fans box in wordpress sidebar

This is really simply tutorial. Facebook fan box help you to have more fans on your facebook page.It’s very simple, and this working for every wordpress theme.When you made your facebook fan page, you need few more steps to show it on your wordpress blog.Just follow these easy steps, and you gonna to do this in a few mins.

After you made your facebook page you should click on ‘Edit Page’ on left side of your monitor as you see in the picture below.


After you done this you should see the picture like this one below.


So now you should click on ‘Promote with a Fan Box’.
After you do that,you need to click on ‘other’ and copy code to your wordpress sidebar widget.


Note: You can’t use this if you have blog on WORDPRESS.COM .

“Users are not allowed to post JavaScript on WordPress.com blogs. Javascript can be used for malicious purposes. Your code and intentions may be perfectly harmless, but it does not mean all javascript will be okay. The security of all the blogs is a top priority and until we can guarantee scripting languages will not be harmful they will not be permitted.”

Note: You are using this on your own responsibility!

17 Superb 3D Artworks By Jasso

17 Superb 3D Artworks By Jasso

Here are some amazing 3 dimensional artworks gathered from Deviant Art all by Jasso.

Cybertron planet

Matte painting of the planet surface.


“Mass effect 2 village

Matte painting done in 3ds max, photoshop and fusion for final compositing.


“Star Wars 2

Another of the 3D matte paintings I did for star wars old republic cinematic, done at Blur studio,I can’t show any making of on this material due to license and other stuff, but here’s a snapshot of the actual trailer online , I did the matte painting and matte painting compositing,
3ds max, photoshop and fusion for compositing.

FX’s added and final composition with moving ships by Blur studio.


“Star Wars 1

One of the 3D matte paintings I did for star wars old republic cinematic, done at Blur studio,I can’t show any making of on this material due to license and other stuff, but here’s a snapshot of the actual trailer online 3ds max, photoshop and fusion for compositing.


“Dragon Age Cave

This is one of the matte paintings I did for the E3 shows at Blur, it is a full 3D matte painting projected over 3D geometry in 3ds max,I did the matte painting, the composite and lava animation, Leandro Amaral from Blur studio did the composite of the characters,the layout 3DGeometry and foreground assets.



Another prototype new york shot, same technique, 2D matte painting projection over 3D geometry.


Terminator Salvation

This is my SKYNET concept and final matte painting for terminator salvation video game trailer we did at blur studio, darren butler did the 3d modeling and people form FX worked on the fire, bullets, explosions , you have to see this trailer it’s great!
this is a multiple camera projection matte painting, almost 180 degrees in elements and details.


Halo wars arcadia planet

Halo wars Arcadia , 3ds max and photoshop.


Fable II Evil Tower

Painted sky that later was going to be animated for a Fable II cinematic, photoshop and 3dsmax for camera projection.


Roman Stone Temple

Digital matte painitng with different techniques such as 3D modelling and rendering for the foreground temple and some other details in the background, photo manipulations, color corrections, and 2D painting in textures, details and architecture cmodifications.


Gardens of Babylon

This is my concept for the gardens of babylon, structure done in 3ds max, composition and textures in photoshop, hope you like it.


The Knight

This is a 3D rendering I did long time ago hope you guys like it, it’s a part of a sketch I will show you later , where I just played with a new concept of armor and mask , and no the sword is not from thundercats .


Building Vertigo

this is a matte painting done for a local comercial shown at the theatres, footage by Mango Films® as you can see some 3D for the foreground was modeled and the front buildings and details are totally photo manipulation and 2D painting . final composition was done in Combustion .


Cloud Lake City

3D matte paiting with lots of work in photoshop for the final image , featured in D’artiste Matte Painting book from ballistic publishing.


Old England Morning

Digital Matte Painting Featured in Expose 1 , winning the second place in 3D enviroment category, also featured in D’artiste Matte Painting book one of my personal favorites.


Corner of the Street

a Digital 3D scene based on a photo I saw sometime ago on the web, this is featured in EXPOSE 3 Book from ballistic publishing in the 3D enviroment category.


Glaciar Base

another Digital matte painting featured in D’ARTIST matte painting book from ballistic publishing , a combination of 3D assets, photos and 2D painting



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17 wordpress sharing plugins that will increase your blog traffic

17 wordpress sharing plugins that will increase your blog traffic

It’s hard to have too much readers on your blog without some share buttons.These buttons helps you to make your article popular on most social media websites.When your articles get popular on social media websites, your article will get a log of visitors.These are simply plugins,you don’t need previous knowledge,it’s very easy to install and run this.

To install a plugin that is not in the plugin browser, the following are the general directions to follow. Be sure and follow the specific instructions provided by the Plugin author. Remember: BACKUP – just in case.
1.Read through the “readme” file thoroughly that usually accompanies a plugin, or the website article from where you found the plugin. It is often helpful to print out the instructions so you can check off the installation steps as you complete them.

2.Upload the plugin to the wp-content/plugins folder in your WordPress directory online.

3.Make any changes to templates or files as required by the Plugin instructions including adding Plugin template tags.

4.Activate the Plugin:

1.Access the Plugin Panel in your Administration Panels

2.Scroll down through the list of Plugins to find the newly installed Plugin (if not visible, start from the beginning to check to see if you followed the instructions properly and uploaded the file correctly).

3.Click on the Activate link to turn the Plugin on.
Continue making any modifications necessary from the “readme” file instructions to make the plugin’s actions meet your needs.

So,our list starts below.

1. AddToAny: Share/Bookmark/Email Button

Help readers share, save, bookmark, and email your posts and pages using any service, such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, and over 100 more social bookmarking and sharing sites. The button comes with AddToAny’s customizable Smart Menu, which places the services visitors use at the top of the menu, based on each visitor’s browsing and usage history.


Download: AddToAny
Plugin Homepage: AddToAny

2. Addmarx – Bookmark/Share/Email Dropdown

The Addmarx Bookmark, Share, Email, Link Dropdown was developed as a customizable, integrated method of distributing your content to various social bookmarking platforms. The plugin provides four basic functions:
Bookmark content using different services including a web browser
Email content to friends/colleagues
Share content via social websites
Link to a page/posting with pre-populated HTML code

Addmarx comes with default settings, with the option of customizing for the look/feel of your WordPress installation. You can choose to place Addmarx on your front page, at the bottom of posts, and/or at the bottom of pages.


Download: Addmarx
Plugin Homepage: Addmarx

3. Share now!

Let your readers easily share articles without ever leaving your blog. Readers can share posts to multiple destinations:
others …

no external windows or popups (once users are signed in), so your users will never leave your blog;
the post link will be automatically added to shared items, so users don’t have to write it themselves;
any selected text on the page will be used by the widget instead of the page’s title.


Download: Share now!
Plugin Homepage: Share now!

4. Tell A Friend: Share/Bookmark/Email/Social Bookmarking Button

Adds a tell a friend, Share/Bookmark/Email/Social Bookmarking button in a widget position. The service which is used is freetellafriend.com which supports e-mail address book, social bookmarks and favorites.


Download: Tell A Friend
Plugin Homepage: Tell A Friend

5. Drag To Share

“Drag to share” is the newest trend in social sharing. Just drag an image and drop it into any social website to share the whole page in real time. This plugin is basically a similar effect release by Meebo.com and used by big players like Mashable.


Download: Drag To Share
Plugin Homepage: Drag To Share

6. ShareThis

The ShareThis WordPress plugin provides a simple way for users to add your post to many social bookmarking sites, or to send a link to your post via email, AIM, Facebook, Twitter and more.


Download: ShareThis
Plugin Homepage: ShareThis

7. Social Dropdown

This plugin displays several social bookmarking options in a dropdown. Unlike other social bookmarking displays, this does not cause clutter.


Download: Social Dropdown
Plugin Homepage: Social Dropdown

8. Sociable

Automatically add links to your favorite social bookmarking sites on your posts, pages and in your RSS feed. You can choose from 99 different social bookmarking sites! WordPress 2.6 or above is required, if you use an older version, please download this version, please keep in mind that version is not maintained.


Download: Sociable
Plugin Homepage: Sociable

9. Bookmarkify

The Social Media Marketing Plugin that lets you put social bookmarking links in your posts and other pages. Help your readers promote your blog!

Bookmarkify supports the following features:

Includes over 50 social bookmark sites including an “Email This” link.

Includes a Link for saving to the Browser Favorites.

Includes an HTML Copy option that makes creating links to your site easy for other publishers.

Includes a links for subscribing to your direct or FeedBurner RSS Feed
Includes a link for subscribing to your blog via the FeedBurner Email service (requires a FeedBurner account).

Customize it to include only the sites you want. Users can access the rest via the “More>>” button.

Customize it to match your site design using standard CSS.

The Widget – including your selected site links – is distributed with your RSS feed when using a full content feed.

The “More Box” – a screen that gives the user access to all of the bookmark and sharing options – can drop down in place or popover over the subdued current page.

Use it in the sidebar with a small template change.

Valid XHTML 1.0 or Valid HTML 4.01 markup.

WordPress NOT REQUIRED! Works as a WordPress plugin and as a
stand-alone include script for any PHP page.

No Fee Charged. No Account Required. No Strings Attached.


Download: Bookmarkify
Plugin Homepage: Bookmarkify

10. Sociallist

SocialList.org spreads your content across the Internet by making it easier for your website visitors to share it with other people. Social bookmarking sites are a popular way to store, classify, share and search links. In a social bookmarking system, users store lists of Internet resources, which they find useful. These lists are both accessible to the public or a specific network, and other people with similar interests can view the links by category, tags, or even randomly. Our simple yet powerful widget and plugins are very easy to install. SocialList Bookmarking Widget is the best tool to help your website visitors create a buzz for your site and increase its ranking and popularity.


Download: Sociallist
Plugin Homepage: Sociallist

11. KnxDT Bookmarks

This plugin adds a friendly bar at the bottom of your blog posts. All you social bookmarking services are there: Meneame, Digg, Delicious, Fresqui, Technorati, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Enchilame, Bitacoras, Wikio, FriendFeed, Twitter and also you can email the post using a Feedburner online service.

Compatible with all WordPress versions (since 2.3 to 2.9.1). Don’t forget to check the config panel.


Download: KnxDT Bookmarks
Plugin Homepage: KnxDT Bookmarks

12. Bookcerbos

Comparte tus ideas con Bookcerbos. Bookcerbos es un plugin de WordPress para enviar tus post y páginas a los Servicios Sociales más populares como Facebook, Digg, Delicious, Twitter y más.

Share your ideas with Bookcerbos. Bookcerbos is a WordPress plugin for send your post and pages to Social Services most popular like Facebook, Digg, Delicious, Twitter and more.


Download: Bookcerbos
Plugin Homepage: Bookcerbos

13. SexyBookmarks

Though the name may be a little “edgy” for some, SexyBookmarks has proven time and time again to be an extremely useful and successful tool in getting your readers to actually submit your articles to numerous social bookmarking sites.

Our sole aim was to stray away from the “in the box” thinking behind most social bookmarking plugins, and add a little flair that would entice your readers, rather than deterring them with microscopic icons that get lost in pages heavy laden with content.


Download: SexyBookmarks
Plugin Homepage: SexyBookmarks

14. OnlyWire for WordPress

OnlyWire syndicates your content and articles to the web’s top social networking sites with a single button click. Used by thousands of bloggers and publishers, OnlyWire simplifies the process of submitting your content to over 30 social networking sites at once — including Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Twitter and many others.

When you download and activate the OnlyWire WordPress Plugin, a “Bookmark & Share” button will instantly appear underneath each of your blog posts. When you mouse-over the button, it will expand to provide you and your readers an easy way to share your post with dozens of social networks.


Download: OnlyWire for WordPress
Plugin Homepage: OnlyWire for WordPress

15. Instant Highlighter: virally MicroShare/MicroBookmark your posting across ALL Social Networks

Makes sharing very effective since readers can immediately focus on the highlights while keeping the context and content intact.
Share using: E-Mail, Blogs, IM, Social Networks, Social Bookmarks, Forums, Comments. or any medium!
Puts a Micro-wrapper around the functionality of AddThis, ShareThis, AddToAny etc. so that readers can easily draw attention to what they want to share on your page without having to go through the tedium of copying parts of a page, and pasting them into email with a link.
Automatically does it – all – for the user by simply using a highlighter pen that is familiar to everyone regardless of age, sex, race, religion, or geography!
Post to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, delicious, digg, hi5, Technorati, Google, Yahoo, Bebo, BlackPlanet… over a 100+ such websites.


Download: MicroShare/MicroBookmark

Plugin Homepage: MicroShare/MicroBookmark

16. Light Social

This is a super lightweight plugin to insert a set of social share links at the bottom of each post, focused on technical blogs.

With this plugin you don’t have options to configure. Simply activate or deactivate to show or not the bookmark social links.


Download: Light Social
Plugin Homepage: Light Social

17. Fixed Social Buttons

Let your visitors make your site popular by sharing your pages thanks to fixed social buttons. This plugin will add colorfull and attractiv social buttons on right side : twitter, facebook, myspace, reddit, delicious, technorati, digg, linkedin, flickr and rss feed buttons.


Download: Fixed Social Buttons
Plugin Homepage: Fixed Social Buttons


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10 Twitter Plugins That Will Increase Your WordPress blog

10 Twitter Plugins That Will Increase Your WordPress blog

Twitter is a real-time information network powered by people all around the world that lets you share and discover what’s happening now.Twitter is great for your wordpress blog.It will improve your blog look and it can increase visits of your blog. As you know Twitter keeps you informed with what matters most to you today and helps you discover what might matter to you most tomorrow.So this list of plugins are really helpful.It’s easy to integrate with your wordpress blog and you can done it in a few easy steps.

1. Twitter Widget Pro

A widget that properly handles twitter feeds, including @username, #hashtag, and link parsing. It supports displaying profiles images, and even lets you control whether to display the time and date of a tweet or how log ago it happened (about 5 hours ago, etc). Requires PHP5.


Download: Twitter Widget Pro
Plugin Homepage: Twitter Widget Pro

2. Twitter Feed

Admin Control Panel

The control functions such as connecting to a Twitter account and storing information on the tweets/blogs, can be accessed through the “Twitter Control” GUI in the WordPress admin panel.

Any changes in the currently active Twitter account tweets can be immediately updated by clicking on the “Update Blogs” button.

Order, Prioritisation and PM Filtering

The application will display the latest tweet from all of the active accounts and then displays those latest tweets in date order. So the newest tweet across all of the accounts will always be shown first. It is also possible to switch between allowing/disallowing PM (Private Message) tweets to be included in the display.


Download: Twitter Feed
Plugin Homepage: Twitter Feed

3. WP to Twitter

The WP-to-Twitter plugin posts a Twitter status update from your WordPress blog using either the Cli.gs or Bit.ly URL shortening services to provide a link back to your post from Twitter.

For both services you can provide your information to maintain a list of your shortened URLs with your URL shortening service for statistics and your own records.

The plugin can send a default message for updating or editing posts or pages, but also allows you to write a custom Tweet for your post which says whatever you want. By default, the shortened URL from Cli.gs is appended to the end of your message, so you should keep that in mind when writing your custom Tweet.


Download: WP to Twitter
Plugin Homepage: WP to Twitter

4. Latest Twitter Sidebar Widget

There are a handful of plugins and widgets available that integrate with Twitter, but most of them require your web server to be running PHP5. This widget (up to version 0.100210) will work with PHP4 and PHP5.


Download: Latest Twitter Sidebar Widget
Plugin Homepage: Latest Twitter Sidebar Widget

5. Twitter by V.J.Catkick

Twitter Widget displays your tweets on your sidebar. There’s lots of switches to turn on/off what you want to display.


Twitter by V.J.Catkick

Plugin Homepage: Twitter by V.J.Catkick

6. YOURLS: WordPress to Twitter

YOURLS is a free URL shortener service you can run on your webhost to have your own personal TinyURL.

This plugin is a bridge between YOURLS, Twitter and your blog: when you’ll submit a new post or page, your blog will tap into YOURLS to generate a short URL for it, and will then tweet it.

Note that, for maximum fun, this plugin also supports a few other public URL shortener services: tr.im, is.gd, tinyURL and bit.ly


Download: YOURLS: WordPress to Twitter
Plugin Homepage: YOURLS: WordPress to Twitter

7. WordPress Dashboard Twitter

Twitter is everywhere. So why not in your WordPress Dashboard? WordPress Dashboard Twitter is a Dashboard Widget that displays Twitter @replies, direct messages, sent messages and favorites the convenient way within your WordPress Dashboard. WordPress Dashboard Twitter turns your Dashboard into a Twitter client.

The Dashboard widget lets you update your status, send direct messages, follow your mentions, list direct messages, sent messages and your favorites in a simple tab interface. All in a single widget. No seperate admin page needed. All the Twitter stuff you need right where you need it.


Download: WordPress Dashboard Twitter
Plugin Homepage: WordPress Dashboard Twitter

8. WG Twitter Widget

wg-twitter-widget is THE widget to show twitter status in wordpress sidebar. Developed starting from the existing widget of Sarah Isaacson, * using the example widget of Justin Tadlock


Download: WG Twitter Widget
Plugin Homepage: WG Twitter Widget

9. Twitter Search Widget
This plugin adds a Twitter Search widget.
Install this plugin in the usual way, by downloading and unzipping the folder into your plugins directory (/wp-content/plugins).

The plugin then needs to be activated before it can be used.

To use, simply drag the ‘Twitter Search’ widget into a sidebar. To use the widget, your theme must be widget-enabled.


Download: Twitter Search Widget
Plugin Homepage: Twitter Search Widget

10. WP Twitter Users

Allows authors to showcase single Twitter users or create formatted lists of users shown in in badges using a simple shortcode.

You can choose from 10 profile templates or create your own custom template and put it in your theme’s /wptu/ subfolder.


Download: WP Twitter Users
Plugin Homepage: WP Twitter Users

15 wordpress slide show plugins for featured articles on home page

15 wordpress slide show plugins for featured articles on home page

These days many people have some wordpress blog. Every of them have different design,but most of them have something common. It’s wordpress slide show plugins for featured articles on homepage. With slide show you can easily show to the world what you are really trying to portray. Slide show has great effect towards the visitor.Here i am going to share some of my favorite wordpress slide show plugins.So let’s start…

1. Featured Content Gallery Plugin v2.0 (FCS)

Featured Content Gallery creates an automated, fully customizable rotating image gallery anywhere within your WordPress site. Choose your images and display categories, pages or posts with custom overlay text and a thumbnail carousel. Custom options include gallery size, color, style and more.


Download: Featured Content Gallery V 2.0
Plugin Homepage: Featured Content Gallery V 2.0

2. Featured Category Slideshow / FCS

This plugin is also based on Smooth Gallery similar to Featured Content Gallery by WPElements.The only difference it that this pulgin always shows the 4 newest posts in the slideshow. Older posts will just be automatically be removed out of the slideshow without being deleted from the blog.


Download: Featured Category Slideshow / FCS
Plugin Homepage: Featured Category Slideshow / FCS

3. Featured Posts Slideshow

Featured Posts Slideshow shows as many post’s images as you want. It’s a very nice and powerfull Javascript Slideshow. It displays a certain image for every Post of a category that you have defined. You can slide through your Slideshow with the help of nice navigation buttons. The images are directly linked to the specific WordPress post. You have a powerfull Administration Area to adjust the Category, the number of Posts, the width and height, and many colours for the Slideshow!


Download: Featured Posts Slideshow
Plugin Homepage: Featured Posts Slideshow

4. FeatPlug

Featplug is a standalone script / wordpress plugin that can mine your WordPress posts or any other data and look for images suiting a given dimension and generates ‘featured’ section for your site using the found items.

The featured section, includes a resized image (banner) with the label, description and link of the related post or data.

Featplug is a architectural plugin with input layers and output templates.

Input Layer -> Featplug -> Output Template

Currently it supports WordPress and standalone as input layers. But it’s very easy to integrate it to any other blog / cms / forum software or even in your static site.


Download: FeatPlug
Plugin Homepage: FeatPlug

5. WP Featured Content Slider

Featured Content Slider provides a powerfull and nice javascript Slideshow/Slider for WordPress. It can be integrated anywhere on your Blog/Website. This Featured Content Slider shows your chosen Blog Posts from a specific Category. It also Display your images next to the excerpt of your Blog Post. This is the perfect solution for everybody who wants a nice flewing Slideshow under their navigation bar.


Download: WP Featured Content Slider
Plugin Homepage: WP Featured Content Slider

6. Slideshow Gallery

Feature content in a JavaScript powered slideshow gallery showcase on your WordPress website.

The slideshow is flexible and all aspects can easily be configured.

Embedding or hardcoding the slideshow gallery is a breeze. To embed into a post/page, simply insert [slideshow] into its content with an optional post_id parameter to display the gallery images uploaded to that post/page. To hardcode into any PHP file of your WordPress theme, simply use slideshow($output = true, $post_id = null); }; ?>.


Download: Slideshow Gallery
Plugin Homepage: Slideshow Gallery

7. WP Content Slideshow

WP Content Slideshow shows up to 5 Posts in a very nice and powerfull Javascript Slideshow. On the left side of the Slideshow it displays a Image for every Post. On the right side, there are all the Titles (and a small description under the Title) of the Posts. The Slideshow highlights the active Post and repeats automatically after getting to the 5th Post. You have a powerfull Administration Area to adjust the Category, the number of Posts, the width and height, and many colours for the Slideshow!


Download: WP Content Slideshow
Plugin Homepage: WP Content Slideshow

8. Featurific For WordPress

An effortless interface to Featurific Free, the featured story slideshow.

Unlike traditional slideshows, Featurific imitates the behavior seen on the home pages of sites like time.com and msn.com, displaying summaries of featured articles on the site. The idea is to increase conversion and user satisfaction by funneling your readers to your strongest, most engaging content. If you believe that big budget companies like Time, MSN, and Walmart might be on to something, then give this plugin a shot.

Installation is automatic and easy, while advanced users can customize every element of the Flash slideshow presentation.


Download: Featurific For WordPress
Plugin Homepage: Featurific For WordPress

9. d13slideshow

D13Slideshow is a plugin that will create an animated promo slideshow as part of your WordPress blog. You can use it to promote any pages or posts in your site and it is fully customisable through the admin pages of your blog. Unlike some other slideshow components, D13Slideshow makes use of the script.aculo.us and Prototype JavaScript frameworks.

Once added, your slideshow will animate through each of your chosen features providing an image, an extract and a link. Once all featured stories have been shown, the slideshow will pause and provide ‘next’ and ‘back’ buttons allowing visitors to cycle through them.


Download: d13slideshow
Plugin Homepage: d13slideshow

10. Smooth Slider

Smooth Slider is a WordPress and WordPress MU Plugin for creating a dynamic slideshow/s for featured posts on a blog. The slideshow created by Smooth Slider are JavaScript and Text based, that is why bloggers will get full benefit of Search Engine Optimization as the texts are readable by Search Engines. You can choose some of your posts as featured posts and show them into a slideshow on your blog home page (i.e. Index) as well as in Sidebar.


Download: Smooth Slider
Plugin Homepage: Smooth Slider

11. Front Slider

You are looking for a fancy Slideshow to improve your Blog’s/Website’s Design? This is perfect for you! Front Slider includes as many Featured Posts as you like. You can define a Image for every Post. It shows an excerpt, date, time and number of comments for every Post. The text and images are sliding smoothly – Front Slider generates nice thumbnails through which can be slided and navigated. By clicking on the big image one gets directly to the featured Post.


Download: Front Slider
Plugin Homepage: Front Slider

12. NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery is a full integrated Image Gallery plugin for WordPress with a Flash slideshow option. Before I start writing the plugin I study all photo and picture plugins for WordPress, I figure out that some of them are really good and well designed, but I missed a simple and easy administration back end to handle multiple photos, galleries and albums.


Download: NextGEN Gallery
Plugin Homepage: NextGEN Gallery

13. WordPress SmoothGallery Plugin

This plugin embeds JonDesign’s SmoothGallery into your posts and pages.

It’s this simple:
upload some pictures to a post/page
use the shortcode “smoothgallery”
add a custom field named “smoothgallery” with some options
watch your gallery 😉

There’re a lot more possibilities with this plugin. Please have a more detailed look at it and don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you’d like to suggest a feature, need help with the plugin or just want to say how cool this is 😉


Download: WordPress SmoothGallery Plugin
Plugin Homepage: WordPress SmoothGallery Plugin

14. Global Flash Galleries

Global Flash Gallery plugin can help you to create fast and perfectly wonderful and unique galleries of great albums, photos, cards and other images.

Global Flash Galleries plugin is easy and convenient for use. It’s captivating and beautiful to execute in practice. Ready-made harmonic color layouts are offered in this plug-in. It is possible to preview a gallery created from several albums in a convenient mode of slide show (full size) or in thumbnails (streaming tape). It’s easy with Global Flash Galleries to create different galleries from numerous grouped albums even if you don’t have much experience in it. There are many various and apprehensible settings and styles with which you can easily change the size of images preserving its original proportion and put the required tags. The plug-in navigation is made at the highest levels and has a broad range of demonstration effects which are easy and plain to comprehend. The excellent functional capabilities of the plug-in will help to create a really peculiar and distinctive collection of galleries.


Download: Global Flash Galleries
Plugin Homepage: Global Flash Galleries

15. SlidePress

SlideShowPro is a Flash-based slideshow application for presenting your photos and videos online. SlideShowPro features over 100 customizable parameters to control color, layout, size, and behavior for an endless array of configuration options when publishing your digital content. Built to meet the demands of professional photographers, as well as web developers looking for a fast, simple utility, SlideShowPro creates slideshows without coding any ActionScript or modifying Flash files.


Download: SlidePress
Plugin Homepage: SlidePress

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Incredible skate inspirations

Incredible skate inspirations

There are a many skater categories like figure skating,Artistic roller skating,Road skating,Snow skating…
Skate are popular sport but also it is dangerous. Skaters do many incredible moves,jumps..Many categories of skating are different,but only thing what’s connecting them is magical thing called skateboard!These are really incredible skate wallpapers, i guess you will love them.These wallpapers were made by devianART members and i hope you will like them.

SOS by ~xetobyte

skate by ~pikachu-94

SOS by ~xetobyte

CT Skate by ~InfinityDesigns

SOS by ~xetobyte

skate. by ~blurdrummer

SOS by ~xetobyte

Luv Skate by ~kit094

SOS by ~xetobyte

SKATE by ~Jarogicha

SOS by ~xetobyte

Embarcadero Skating by Rev Dan Catt

SOS by ~xetobyte

skate or die by =LukeGoesDeviantArt

SOS by ~xetobyte

Skateboarding in Porirua by kiwikeith

SOS by ~xetobyte

2009.193 - New Skateboards by Slightlynorth

SOS by ~xetobyte

Skateboarding in New Tampa, Florida by eron_gpsfs

SOS by ~xetobyte

724039406_XhzNt-L by kensingt0n

SOS by ~xetobyte

Giovanni Zattera - 360 flip by sir Riki

SOS by ~xetobyte

Lima Peru skate park by ~jorgevr

SOS by ~xetobyte

Skate... by *Beaverlady

SOS by ~xetobyte

Skateboard by katkamin

SOS by ~xetobyte

Skate or Die? by ~Dessite

SOS by ~xetobyte

Sunset Skate Session by ~Knux68

SOS by ~xetobyte

Free Skate by =ZeKRoBzS

SOS by ~xetobyte

Skateboard by ~FabinhoHpS

SOS by ~xetobyte

Roxas - Skateboard by =Garih

SOS by ~xetobyte

skateboard by ~nferah

Summer Character Creativity

Summer Character Creativity

I try to find the best summer characters, and to add them into this story. All images are properly linked to its owners.

SOS by ~xetobyte

Summer Amy by ~pokemastersan

SOS by ~xetobyte

Summer '09 by ~Kittn622

SOS by ~xetobyte

Summer Blaire by ~blumarine

SOS by ~xetobyte

TMMN Contest: Summer is Here by =reka-chan

SOS by ~xetobyte

.Summer Begginnings. by ~Lorena677

SOS by ~xetobyte

.Summer Begginnings. by ~Lorena677

SOS by ~xetobyte

Summer of 2004: Kaiba Brothers by *jbramx2

SOS by ~xetobyte

Summer Shine by *shaloneSK

SOS by ~xetobyte

::Summer Again:: by ~StrayShadow

SOS by ~xetobyte

Starlight :: Summer by *Wind-Alria

SOS by ~xetobyte

Beach Fun and Summer Sun by *Zoy

SOS by ~xetobyte

Farewell, Summer by ~LynnStrife

SOS by ~xetobyte

summer vacation by ~sage666

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