David LaFerriere’s Drawings

David LaFerriere’s Drawings

Absolutely fantastic! How many ideas and how much of imagination .. That commitment to work and family  can go together prove David LaFerriere, a father who every morning draws their children. But not on paper 🙂 He draws on the lunch-bags of his two sons.

David (graphic designer) wanted to use his ability to illustrate in an interesting way  to have fun with the children. He started to decorate the sandwich bags of his boys in May 2008. He still makes them every morning, then takes a photo of the new artwork (because these sandwiches are really unique artworks) and posts them on Flickr. However, he has not expected to be so popular among bloggers as he is today.

Here are some of the illustrations:

Crayon breath:

Crayon-breath-by-dlaferriere (more…)

Can Online Designer Tool Compare to Graphic Designer?

Can Online Designer Tool Compare to Graphic Designer?

Designing a marketing product for a client or any gift is a dawning task. Lat year I tried to design Christmas cards and failed but this time around I tried a new product.This time around I tried designing koozies online. Well, what exactly are koozies? They are can insulators that keep your drink cold. It is sometimes used as a gift that one can plan to give their guest which has something printed on it so that they can enjoy the memories of celebration. Nowadays, there are numerous ways of celebrations like simple parties, theme parties, out-door parties and so on. Each one plans as per their choice. Custom Koozies are great return gift that can be distributed at such occasions.

custom-koozy (more…)

Basic of PSD to HTML

Basic of PSD to HTML

Without a doubt, Photoshop is one of the best image editing tools out there. Many users don’t know that Photoshop in fact can do many other besides image editing. Most of web designers use it for making website templates. PSD to HTML is these days perfect way to create website and stay on top with beautiful and modern design. To start work on your own web template you are at least need to have some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS coding. Main problem that the new designers have is converting their PSD files in to the HTML. You don’t need to have amazing knowledge, just thing or two so you can start from the scratch. So, look online for some examples and tutorial about CSS and HTML so that you don’t have problems latter on, and that you can understand correlations between PSD and HTML.

Maybe the best thing is to visit learning websites, where you can find detail explanations of HTML and CSS. It’s very straightforward process so all of the elements are very clearly explained. Even more, you can find some live editors there, and see from the first hand where you have most difficult time. You can also buy a book about HTML and CSS, but these days rather do some online course for the same matter than spend many hours reading about things that you have no ideas about. (more…)

Tutorial: Create Easter Themed Wallpaper

Tutorial: Create Easter Themed Wallpaper

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to create fun Easter themed wallpaper, with a lot of Easter Eggs, bunnies and hatching birds. Our primary software today is Adobe Illustrator, but we’ll also use Adobe Photoshop for some finishing touches.

Fist let’s have a look on what we are going to create:

easter-themed-wallpaper-1 (more…)

Post Card Design

Post Card Design

There’s no better way to effortlessly and affordable promote your business than using your own postcards. Printed on exceptional paper, shiny card stock with a full color front side and with a black and white back side, post cards will get the name of your business and your message all over the world.

You could also for a small fee, get full-color printing on the back side of your postcard and upload your photo, logo or entire design. Do you already have a design for your postcard? That no problem at all! Postcard printing these days is easy because online post card printer is now very affordable at small rates. If you go with your own design then you need to upload it to server or you could choose from template stock and you will have your post card in hands in day or two.

The fact few people know is that postcards generate sales and contribute your business in many ways. If you want to promote special event or going to announce new line of products and services a personal adapted postcard is the right thing. Also, if you feel need to do something “out of a box” and use postcards for personal use, that’s no problem either! In few easy steps you could turn your postcard into a wedding invitation, fun invitation, concert invitation and much more.

A post card or a greeting card is usually a straightforward document – a bit of folded paper with text or images on the front and a personal message inside. Cards usually follow a typical layout, with a few variations. Folded on the side or the top, there’s a front side of card, an inside spread for personal message, and a back side.

Part one – Front

What primarily grabs interest and sets the tone is the front of the card. The front side of the card or cover as some might say, may be a one simple photo, text only, or an images and text combination. You’ll need to choose from many types – there’s funny, romantic, playful, and serious.

Part two – Inside Message

Usually cards are blank inside, and you write your own message. But there are many other variations such as message for Happy Birthday, or seasonal greetings, and some other suitable message like Bible verse, quotation, some fun or serious poem, or a little joke. Some cards have additional images inside, or may repeat graphics from the front of the card.

Additional message inside of the card is typically on the right side, and that leave left side blank for your personal message. If we talking about a top fold cards, then the inside message is usually found on the bottom panel.

Part three – Back

Almost all commercially produced post cards on the back of the card contain the name of the greeting card company. Some also contain logo and contact. If you are making your own post cards you might include some sort of personal touch such as your name and date or maybe a personal stamp or logo. But you could also leave it fully blank.

Tutorial: How to Make Poster in Photoshop

Tutorial: How to Make Poster in Photoshop

Either that you have a band, or a small business, or even yard sale, a poster is the best way to get informations about it across neighbourhood quickly. There is a many ways to make a beautiful poster, but today maybe the best way is with Photoshop. Later when you create a poster, you can go to any poster printing company and print your own project.

Step One:

Turn on your computer. In these times it’s the easiest and by far most effective way to create a poster. If you don’t have a graphics application such as Photoshop for your poster prints, there are a many alternatives, such as GIMP or Pixlr, which are totally free. Even if we are creating our poster in Photoshop, any other graphics application will have the similar functionality, or maybe the same one.

Step Two:

Now, let’s start Photoshop, and create a new document using the following specifications:

Width: 10 inches
Height: 12 inches
Resolution: 300pixels/inch
Color Mode: CMYK
Background Contents: White

how-to-make-poster-01 (more…)

Photoshop Tips & Tricks: Make Instagram Images on Your Computer

Photoshop Tips & Tricks: Make Instagram Images on Your Computer

In the era of smartphones, application called Instagram reinvented the photo sharing, especially on social networks. The process of making beautiful and artistic images on smartphones is fast and fun, and it’s a whole new way to share your pictures to friends and family. One thing most people like about Instagram is versatility of various schemes, so you can filter your image many times you like.

In our little tutorial we gonna show you an easy way to make beautiful Instagram images on your computer. It’s a very simple process and it’s a very easy to accomplish, taking only few steps in Photoshop.

First step:

Open random image in Photoshop, and double-click on the background layer, make it a layer and name it MyInstagram (for example).

For this tutorial I’ve used an image from my own stock. So fell free to work on my image as well.

make-instagram-with-photoshop-01 (more…)

Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day Cards

One of the important features of love is giving away gifts for the loving ones. It would be nice to be such innovative and have always new and fresh ideas what to present; sometimes we experience a lack of these ideas. However, postcards seems to be an universal gift, for various occasions.

Here we have prepared a collection of romantic cards for the forthcoming Valentine’s Day:


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