20 Blue Logo Inspirations

20 Blue Logo Inspirations

Many websites have blue designed logos. That color is very popular in the world. Blue color can inspire you on sky,sea,water… Anyways this collection is brilliant. This collection is made of the best blue logos. These are logos of some companies, and these logos are their trademarks. Also these logos can inspire graphic designers for their works, and these logos can give them inspiration.

1. Design Mutt
Design Mutt
2. inTWEETion
3. Blue Tuesday
Blue Tuesday
4. Blue Thursday Entertainment
Blue Thursday Entertainment 5. Dynamo Soccer School


6. The Blue Monster
The Blue Monster
7. BlueFish Creative
BlueFish Creative
8. Gatoazul
9. BlueBanana
9. Blue Ocean
Blue Ocean
10. Blueagle
11. Pegasus Tales
12. Music Flyer
Music Flyer
13. 9 Skydive
9 Skydive
14. mobile terrapin
mobile terrapin
15. BirdLaunch
16. 50
17. cellio
18. Seamood
19. Assured
20. Twitcube

10 The Best Plugins For WordPress Comments Section

10 The Best Plugins For WordPress Comments Section

1. Akismet

Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not and lets you review the spam it catches under your blog’s “Comments” admin screen.

Want to show off how much spam Akismet has caught for you? Just put akismet_counter code in your template.


2. Per Post Comment Text

A plugin that allows you to set the text of your comments link on a post per post basis.


3. Subscribe to Comments

Subscribe to Comments is a robust plugin that enables commenters to sign up for e-mail notification of subsequent entries. The plugin includes a full-featured subscription manager that your commenters can use to unsubscribe to certain posts, block all notifications, or even change their notification e-mail address!


4. Comment Recovery

Ever lost your comments by fooling around with your Database? So did I. Now this is a comments recovery plugin. Just paste the E-mail sources of your new comment notification emails and save.


5. Highlight Author Comments

Highlight Author Comments automatically displays comments made by a post’s author in a distinctive style with no need to edit your template files, etc. All you do is provide a snippet or two of CSS styling to be applied to author posts.


6. Maximum Number of Comments

This plugin enables the setting of a maximum number of comments allowed to display in each post. In addition, it provides a link to expand the comments showing all the remaining ones.

All the comments above the defined maximum number are hidden. By clicking on the link ‘Click here to see the remaining comments’ they will be shown.

On the Plugin homepage you will find these description and instructions:
in English
in Portuguese
Author: zelopes


7. AJAX Comments

More than that, it checks if all fields filled correctly, and also makes sure to avoid comment duplication, and has flood protection capabilities as well.

Probably one of the best ways you could spice up your WordPress Blog with AJAX; readers love it! Must see for yourself.

This plugin works well in all major Web browsers, and uses discrete AJAX. That means if JavaScript disabled, it’s using the original comment posting method.

Ajax Comments known to work well, with Authimage plugin, but I rather suggest Akismet, as it is free for personal use.


8. Ozh’ Absolute Comments

Absolute Comments is a comment manager plugin that lets you instantly reply to comments, either from the original Manage Comments administration page, or from the email notification, without the hassle of visiting the post first.


9. WordPress Thread Comment

This Plugin is an enhancement for WordPress’s comment function. It enables users to reply on a exist comment, and the discussion will be displayed threaded or nested.

One can reply on any exist comments.
The discussion will be displayed nested or threaded.
Easy to install. No hacking on WordPress or your theme is needed.
W3C compatible.
Customizable HTML / PHP / CSS on admin section.
AJAX support, enables to comment without reloading the whole page.
Choose AJAX or not freely
Get notification by email when reply is available.
Can manage comment in front-end(move comment, delete comment)

Requirement to themes

If you wish to use AJAX, the comment objects of your theme must has an ID like “comment-xxx”. It’s a standard of WordPress themes now, yet some themes may still not meet this requirement.


10. Suggest Comments

This plugin is just for fun. Sometimes a visitor would like to say that he likes a post. Suggest him some standard phrases.

It’s still in developement. So check for new releases daily!

New features in 0.8 Enable/disable for posts and pages seperately Randomize comment list

Fixed in 0.7 quotes can be used now implemented support for “comment” and “comment-text” textarea id’s activation might have caused problems with WP version < 2.3



35 Really Creative Music Icons

35 Really Creative Music Icons

I collected these music icons with goal to help you make a beautiful desktop. All of us have music, and we all have many icons for our music. These icons are regular folder icons, and they are not pretty. So in this collection i tried to collect beautifull icons, to help you make your computer look nice. Click on image to download selected icon. Enjoy

Picture Source

1. Itunes, Music icon
Itunes, Music icon
2. Aurora, Folder, Itunes, Music icon
Aurora, Folder, Itunes, Music icon
3. Music, Sound, Speaker icon
Music, Sound, Speaker icon
4. Folder, Music icon
Folder, Music icon
5. Fender, Guitar, Instrument, Music, Rock icon
Fender, Guitar, Instrument, Music, Rock icon
6. Folder, Music icon
Folder, Music icon2
7. Garageband, Guitar, Instrument, Music, Rock icon
Garageband, Guitar, Instrument, Music, Rock icon
8. Headphones, Music, Play, Store icon
Headphones, Music, Play, Store icon
9. Bass, Folder, Garageband, Guitar, Music, Musicworld icon
Bass, Folder, Garageband, Guitar, Music, Musicworld  icon
10. Music, Sound, Speaker icon
Music, Sound, Speaker icon2
11. Music icon
Music icon
12. Box, Media, Music icon
Box, Media, Music icon
13. Music, My icon
Music, My icon
14. Music icon
Music icon2
15. Headphones, Music icon
Headphones, Music icon
16. Music, Radio icon
Music, Radio icon
17. Cd, Music, Record icon
Cd, Music, Record icon
18. Headphones, Music icon
Headphones, Music icon2
19. Headphone, Headphones, Music, Shared icon
Headphone, Headphones, Music, Shared icon
20. Bandore, Bandura, Instrument, Kobza, Music, Pandora icon
Bandore, Bandura, Instrument, Kobza, Music, Pandora icon
21. Dvd, Music, Record icon
Dvd, Music, Record icon
22. Music, My icon
Music, My icon2
23. Music icon
Music icon3
24. Instrument, Jazz, Music, Saxophone icon
Instrument, Jazz, Music, Saxophone  icon
25. Music, My icon
Music, My icon3
26. Elvis, Music, Presley icon
Elvis, Music, Presley icon
27. Music icon
Music icon4
28. Instrument, Keyboard, Midi, Music, Synth icon
Instrument, Keyboard, Midi, Music, Synth icon
29. Folder, Music icon
Folder, Music icon3
30. Cd, Disc, Guitar, Headphones, Instrument, Music icon
Cd, Disc, Guitar, Headphones, Instrument, Music icon
31. Electric, Guitar, Instrument, Metal, Music, Rock icon
Electric, Guitar, Instrument, Metal, Music, Rock icon
32. Dj, Music, Twitter icon
Dj, Music, Twitter icon
33. Lp, Music, Record, Vinil, Vinyl icon
Lp, Music, Record, Vinil, Vinyl icon
34. Dj, Ipod, Music, Turntable icon
Dj, Ipod, Music, Turntable  icon
35. Instrument, Lyre, Music icon
Instrument, Lyre, Music icon

27 Incredibly Designed Bee Logos

27 Incredibly Designed Bee Logos

I found these very unique and good designed bee logos. Bees are very worthy and i really like them and how they work their “jobs”. Most of these designers use bees to point out on something, like bee-safe, or buzzy-bee. If you want to go to source, just click on image. Enjoy in this post.

1. mojobee
2. Tykebee
Tykebee logo
3. BuzzyBee
4. Beedia
5. BeeSafe
6. The Sting
The Sting
7. the buzziness
the buzziness
9. Stingerss
10. 3EE
11. sweetbabee
12. Mean Bee
Mean Bee
13. Beempire Bar
Beempire Bar
14. Design Bees
Design Bees
15. Bee Charged
Bee Charged
16. Tin Bee
Tin Bee
17. Lazybee
19. honeybee
21. beebandit
22. BEE
23. Bee’s Kitchen
Bee's Kitchen
24. Beezneess
25. buzznest
26. the letter bee
the letter bee
27. beeheart

15 Fantastic Horor Fonts

15 Fantastic Horor Fonts

I like unusual fonts. They are good for almost everything. These horor fonts I used in one picture, and I think they are just incredible. You should try the 14-th font, my favourite. If you want to download it, click on image to get on download site. Enjoy in this post…

wallpaper font
Picture Source

1. Fearless Vampire Killers Font
2. Beat My Guest Font
beat my guest font
3. Calaveras Font
Calaveras Font
4. Blood Gutter 2000 Font
Blood Gutter 2000 Font
5. Shlop Font
Shlop Font
6. Groovy Ghosties Font
Groovy Ghosties Font
7. Grunt Reaper Font
Grunt Reaper Font
8. It Lives In The Swamp Font
It Lives In The Swamp Font
9. Liquidism Font
Liquidism Font
10. Meltdown MF Font
Meltdown MF Font
11. Plasma Drip Font
Plasma Drip Font
12. Riot Act Font
Riot Act Font
13. SF Gushing Meadow Font
SF Gushing Meadow Font
14. You Murderer Font
You Murderer Font
15. Were Wolf Font
Were Wolf Font

Splendid HD Wallpapers To Make Your Desktop Alive

Splendid HD Wallpapers To Make Your Desktop Alive

Hey these are some really beatifull hd wallpapers and photos for your desktop. They are very shiny, colorfull. Also under every picture you have a source, so you can check more pictures/wallpapers if you like, and read more about that artist. Leave a comment if you search for any images, or if you have idea for the next picture gallery, I am glad to help.


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source


Picture Source

8 Professional Wordpess Portfolio Templates

8 Professional Wordpess Portfolio Templates

This is my another collection of templates. Its about the best portofolio templates. Many people are looking for their perfect portofolio template to add their new designs, and for sure its not easy to find it. Especially when we have so many wordpress templates alerdy. So, check this list, it should help you finding your blog template.

wordpress new logo

Picture Source

1. Snapshot

Snapshot wp premium template

Demo: Snapshot

Buy/Download: Snapshot

Theme Homepage: Snapshot

2. Photo Graphic

Photo Graphic wp premium template

Demo: Photo Graphic

Buy/Download: Photo Graphic

Theme Homepage: Photo Graphic

3. Gallery

Gallery free wp portofilio template

Demo: Gallery

Buy/Download: Gallery

Theme Homepage: Gallery

4. Showcase theme

Showcase wp premium portofolio template

Demo: Showcase

Buy/Download: Showcase

Theme Homepage: Showcase

5. Foto Folio

Foto Folio free wp portofolio template

Demo: Foto Folio

Buy/Download: Foto Folio

Theme Homepage: Foto Folio

6. Photo Gallery

Photo Galler 1 wp premium portofolio template

Demo: Photo Gallery

Buy/Download: Photo Gallery

Theme Homepage: Photo Gallery

7. Egallery

egallery wp premium portofolio theme

Demo: Egallery

Buy/Download: Egallery

Theme Homepage: Egallery

8. Proudfolio

Proudfolio premium portofolio wp theme

Demo: Proudfolio

Buy/Download: Proudfolio

Theme Homepage: Proudfolio

25 Excellent Websites To Spread Away Your Design Resources

25 Excellent Websites To Spread Away Your Design Resources

The main problem you have from the very begining is how to get more visitors. This is not an easy task, you have to try very hard, and to do that constantly. You should write at least one post per day, because google loves when you write more. Also high quality posts are wanted. Then, you must submit your articles. So, I made a list, of all sites I think can bring you good visits. I will write alexa and page rank for each site, so you can see wich site can bring you more visits, wich less. Click on image to go to website submition page.

website traffic grow picture

Picture Source

1. Instant Shift

Instant shift logo

Alexa: 7,342
Google Page Rank: 6/10

2. Hongkiat

hongkiat logo

Alexa: 2,384
Google Page Rank: 5/10

3. 10 Steps

10 steps logo

Alexa: 18,058
Google Page Rank: 5/10

4. Specky Boy

specky boy logo

Alexa: 3,583
Google Page Rank: 3/10

5. Smashing Post

smashing post logo

Alexa: 68, 833
Google Page Rank: 4/10

6. Desizn Tech

Desizn Tech logo

Alexa: 36,647
Google Page Rank: 4/10

7. Colorburned

colorburned logo

Alexa: 36,175
Google Page Rank: 5/10

8. Creative Fan

creative fan logo

Alexa: 17,130
Google Page Rank: 4/10

9. Deziner Folio

Deziner Folio logo

Alexa: 16,863
Google Page Rank: 6/10

10. Crazy Leaf

Crazy Leaf logo

Alexa: 12,310
Google Page Rank: 4/10

11. Psd Fan

psd fan logo

Alexa: 22,713
Google Page Rank: 5/10

12. Design rFix

Design rFix

Alexa: 15,875
Google Page Rank: 6/10

13. Design Follow

Design Follow logo

Alexa: 21,742
Google Page Rank: 4/10

14. Tripwire

TripWire magazine logo

Alexa: 9,349
Google Page Rank: 5/10

15. Design Newz

Design Newz logo

Alexa: 31,503
Google Page Rank: 4/10

16. Webdesign-Ne.ws

Webdesign-Ne.ws logo

Alexa: 51,347
Google Page Rank: 4/10

17. WebandDesigners

webanddesigners logo

Alexa: 24,476
Google Page Rank: 4/10

18. Skyje

Skyje logo

Alexa: 40,250
Google Page Rank: 3/10

19. Loondesign

Loondesign logo

Alexa: 50,045
Google Page Rank: 4/10

20. Designm.ag

Designm.ag logo

Alexa: 7,321
Google Page Rank: 6/10

21. Design Your Way

Design Your Way logo

Alexa: 23,240
Google Page Rank: 4/10

22. Webdev Codex

Webdev codex logoAlexa: 248,533
Google Page Rank: 1/10

23. My Ink Blog

My Ink Blog logo

Alexa: 32,295
Google Page Rank: 6/10

24. Design Dazzling

Design Dazzling logo

Alexa: 46,520
Google Page Rank: 5/10

25. Script and Style

Script and Style logo

Alexa: 27,132
Google Page Rank: 5/10