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The A – Z Guide in Owning a Website for Photographer/Artist

When you were a baby, the very first thing you learned was the alphabet, right? And people who are just starting to have their own website for photographer or website for artist usually are clueless on what to do, just like babies. If you are one of them, this alphabet guide would help you jump-start […]

50 Excellent Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop makes it achievable to edit your photos in numerous manners. With infinite possibilities the challenge is recognizing how to employ the photo editing tools successfully. In this post we will feature some helpful tutorials that instruct different photo editing skills and tricks. You are sure to discover at least some that can be […]

20 Stunning Action Photos of Animals

Animals are an incredible source of action. Whether it’s a favorite family pet or exotic creatures on the hunt, animals give us amazing action shots. Animals in their element — and out of their element — provide us with funny, cute, and thought-provoking material for magazine ads, postcards, posters, and even web design. But it […]

Beautifully Sexy Print Ads

Anyone who works in the advertising world knows that sex sells, but how risqué an ad actually gets is up to the brand. Many companies, even top brands, have tried anything from simply using a beautiful woman to using shocking images that are flagrantly sexual, even on posters, TV commercials, and even billboards. However, my […]

Great Resource of Stock Photos

Have you ever bought images or photographs for your blog or website?  Now, it is the right moment for that because we have found a really amazing resource. Depositphotos is the best place where you can search and find good quality photographs and images. This website is maybe the most advantageous and effective tool for […]

On File Types and Saving for the Web

While this may seem like the most obvious thing in the world and shouldn’t require that much explanation, suboptimal file types and compression qualities actually plague the internet everywhere. You can have a great site with excellent design that is utterly destroyed by inefficient or poor file types and quality. Ultimately, it comes down to […]

20 Best Monochromatic Websites for Inspiration

Color in design can be a powerful tool. The choice of color on your website will impact your audience greatly and influence them either positively or negatively. Choosing a monochromatic color scheme for your website is a bold decision, simply because you are limiting yourself to only one color. Not all hues within a specific […]

Creative Wedding Photography

Wedding traditions and customs vary largely between cultures, religions or ethnic groups. Moreover, some differences can be noticed among celebrations in western countries, but they are often defined by the preferences of the certain couple. In order to organise an unforgettable wedding party, newly weds are likely to alter many of the traditional ceremonies. Some […]

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