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Tablets for Graphics Designers

Before perhaps less than a year ago it was almost impossible to imagine a graphic designer to create on tablet, but with the help of great applications these days we can see more and more designers performs their work on android tablet. Android OS is now the most popular in the world, and a tablet […]

Christmas Menu Brochures

One of the keys of success for the most of the companies is effective advertising. A lot of ways are available to do this, and one of them is through brochures. A brochure can also be called pamphlet. In general, it is a kind of a leaflet that is used to make known a new […]

Perfect Christmas Gift?

Each time before Christmas, the wide majority of people is in doubt what would be the best gift for the loved ones. Especially when the budget of the individual dictates the rules for any purchase.. Extremely appreciate is when you make some personal gift, something that will remind the person who has received the gift […]

Top 3 Gangnam Style Christmas Lights

Christmas is almost here. If you still do not have your house prepared for this holiday, this is the right time to design your own Christmas light show. The most famous song these days is Gangnam Style, by PSY. We have prepared for you some interesting Christmas lights shows that are designed to give life […]

EURO 2012 Related Items

Prepare for the most important upcoming sport invent -EURO 2012 Football Championship! Many of the soccer’s fans will be glued to TV screens during the championship and will enjoy everything related to it. They will search for stickers, gifts, key-rings, hats that have a logo of their favourite. It may be a good advertise for […]

Business Cards Inspired by Social Networks

A well designed business card serve to promote your company or brand. The promotion can be done by personal contact, and nowadays also online. Business card contains information that are important for the staying in contact. These traditional business cards are printed on a piece of paper and usually the design is important to attract […]

Thank You Cards

Sometimes it seems that people are not enough honest with each others. Or just they hardly can express themselves. However it is very important to know to express gratitude, both in personal and business relationships. Expressing gratitude to clients strengthens the homogeneity and trust. If you have your own company, you can say thanks to […]

Creative Christmas Cards

Sending Christmas cards during this festive time has a long tradition, however, due to the modern technical devices there are less and less people who send a real Christmas card for their loved. The Internet has contributed to the situation that the interest in real Christmas cards weakens, because it is faster to send an e-mail or sms. Despite this, Christmas cards do have something special. They seem to have their own story, each carrying a specific message. As if they have a soul. Another prove they are more valuable then an instant message or e-mail is that sending them require time and effort. With that, we show that we appreciate and care for someone. This is exactly what should be in the center of this holiday. Love and care. These feelings, moreover, can be expressed in other forms. It is also very popular to transform a photo to canvas. It is also a beautiful present for all your beloved in these festive times.

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