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Vintage Postcards Collection

It can be thought that postcards are no more up-to-date nowadays. However it is not like that. I am always cheerful when a postcard is in our mail box, even more if the postcard is sent by a family member, good friend or a colleague. Many times, a postcard is a pleasant surprise even if […]

Music Gifts and Stickers

Can you imagine life without music? Well, for me it could be impossible because every day, exactly, every part of my day is filled with music. I think that it is the same situation with many others. We have a really huge pallet of various kinds of music and everyone can found some interesting genre. […]

Fantastic Collection of Business Cards

Being impressive is crucial in every aspect of life. Moreover in business. The competition is high and if you want to succeed, you have to be special, distinct. It is not always as easy as it seems, but with a little bit of imagination everything is possible. Your extraordinary ideas can create a leader company […]

Creatively Designed House

Human life is a miracle. An inspiration. A thought.. so the things people make are designed accordingly to their inspiration. To be content, people need to live in harmony, to in live in an environment that suits their own needs and life-style. Particularly, the living area is of a high importance. Thus, a house has […]

Transparent Business Cards

A little retrospection …. Maybe one can hardly believe but a few thousand years ago business cards were used in China. Their purpose were to show the name, title as well as address. The size was also very important, because it indicated the power of the owner. Sometimes, even two people had to hold a […]

Creative LED Desk Lamp

Inspiration can always be found in nature. Indeed, nature is perfect, and artists often look for ideas just by observing natural phenomena. Inspiration can be powerful ocean waves, bright sun, majestic mountains, or things that are always around us, such as grass or a drop of water. Maybe it was a sunny morning after a brief […]

20 Stunning Action Photos of Animals

Animals are an incredible source of action. Whether it’s a favorite family pet or exotic creatures on the hunt, animals give us amazing action shots. Animals in their element — and out of their element — provide us with funny, cute, and thought-provoking material for magazine ads, postcards, posters, and even web design. But it […]

Easter Eggs Decoration

Here we are, celebrating Easter again with many distinguish features. Maybe the most popular among them are Easter eggs, which are beautifully decorated. The origin of Easter egg is not determined precisely, but there are several assumptions: • Persians used to paint eggs as a part of their New Year celebrations which was on the […]

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