10 Aviation-Themed Business Startup Ideas

10 Aviation-Themed Business Startup Ideas

There is no denying that getting on a plane and flying, even if it’s only to another city in your country, is both fun and memorable. The thing is, there’s nothing stopping you from setting up an aviation-themed business - even if you don’t have the funds to buy or ...

There is no denying that getting on a plane and flying, even if it’s only to another city in your country, is both fun and memorable. The thing is, there’s nothing stopping you from setting up an aviation-themed business – even if you don’t have the funds to buy or lease a fleet of aircraft for your new enterprise!

If you love flying and want to start a business that will literally take your feet off the ground, you should check out these ten aviation-themed business startup ideas:

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1. Aircraft Washing

Just like any other mode of passenger transport such as taxis, buses, and even trains, there is a demand for aircraft washing services. Your startup costs will depend on the types of planes you want to wash and which airports you want a presence at, but you could always start small with light aircraft. Just be sure to factor in costs such as airport security clearances and licenses, aside from machinery and personnel.

2. Aircraft Repairs and Maintenance

Another essential service you could provide in the aviation industry is aircraft repair. As the name suggests, you would be responsible for providing aircraft maintenance and repair services to a variety of clients. You’ll need to have the right tools and skilled employees to carry out each repair successfully. It’s one of the most rewarding jobs you could have, and comes with lots of perks such as the ability to take planes out for a test-fly!

3. Private Passenger Flights

Even if you don’t have the capital to start a commercial airline business, it’s still possible to offer private passenger flights in smaller light aircraft. Your clients would typically be the wealthy and business leaders that prefer the convenience of flying to their destinations. You could keep your costs low by chartering a plane, but you’d still need to learn to be a pilot before you could offer your services. That, or you’d need to hire a licensed pilot.

4. Cargo Transport Services

There are many businesses and organizations in the world that have a need for specialist air freight services. For instance, the transport of exotic animals by air from one country to another, or flying priceless valuables under armed guard. With those thoughts in mind, you could provide specialist cargo transport services to your clients, make a healthy profit, and enjoy running a unique startup business!

5. Aircraft Parts Supply Chain Services

As with anything mechanical, there is always a need for companies that can provide spare parts for any repairs or routine maintenance. One interesting business idea for those that might prefer to stay grounded is aircraft parts supply chain services. Your business would be responsible for sourcing and supplying parts to your customers in a timely fashion.

6. Aviation Magazine Publication

Do you have a natural flair for writing? And do you enjoy taking to the skies whenever the opportunity presents itself? If the answer to both questions is yes, you may wish to consider setting up an aviation magazine publication. You could publish a monthly magazine detailing all the latest industry news, review aircraft, and much more.

7. Cheap Flights Finding Service

If you’d prefer the idea of running an online-based business, why not consider setting up a website offering visitors the chance to seek out cheap flights? Those visitors could book through your website and your business would receive a commission on each sale. As you can imagine, when you have millions of people actively using your website each month, it can be quite a profitable business venture!

8. Airline Consultancy

There are many new and established airlines that all share a common goal: they want to attract more customers to their brand each year. As an airline consultancy, your job is to help those airlines reach new and established markets, and help those businesses grow. As you can imagine, your valuable expertise and skills will be handsomely rewarded.

9. Aircraft Catering

If you’re an aviation enthusiast with plenty of culinary skills and experience, have you thought about setting up an aircraft catering service? You may think that your only customer base will be commercial airliners. But, there’s a healthy and profitable niche market when it comes to supplying smaller chartered aircraft with in-flight meals.

10. Aircraft Cleaning

Last but not least, setting up an aircraft cleaning business is one way to build an aviation-based empire without needing a lot of startup capital. Some might say that such a business isn’t glamorous in any way. But, you will likely meet all kinds of interesting people including celebrities!

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