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7 Outstanding WordPress Video Templates

This is a small but very quallity wordpress templates list, with a description and links for download and source. You can find the best video templates from the web. These templates is very easy to use, and most of them have their own support. Enjoy in this article, and good luck with your future video […]

10 best sites where you can buy premium wordpress templates

When you start you website you will go to find a template that fits your taste. This is the first question you will ask: What is better, to buy a template or to start with a free one. There are lots of free templates, but premium templates are way better looking. If you want to […]

Make Your Sidebar Look Better With Best Plugins And Widgets

As designer i have so much freedom with my site. I can put any plugins, write any stories, etc. But not every plugin is good, not every story is nice. So i collected best plugins, that i have expirienced, and used, so you don’t have to try all that bad plugins, i tried. Also if […]

15 Anti Spam Plugins for WordPress Blogs

Don’t we all hate spammers and spam comments?But what are we doing to stop them? This is common problem for the most bloggers and web administrators.On wordpress blogs, we got a lot of spam comments,most of them are about viagra.So,i want to help bloggers to prevent spam, and i made collection of some anti spam […]

15 Free WordPress Themes Inspired By Nature

Hi there.After long time i wrote an article that are not collection of photos.This Article are related to wordpress,to wordpress themes. These themes are all green,they are inspired by nature.Also all of these are for free download,so you can use it and you don’t need to pay any $$$ for them. 1. Grassland Grassland is […]

101 free premium wordpress themes

1. Mystique Feature-packed theme with a solid design, built-in widgets and a intuitive theme settings interface… Designed by digitalnature. Download: Mystique Theme Homepage: Mystique Preview: Mystique 2. Auroral Theme A high quality FLASH theme inspired from northern sky. Perfect cross browser, support IE6 and IE7,Firefox2 and 3, Opera, Safari. W3C XHTML valid and SEO friendly. […]

How to show a facebook fans box in wordpress sidebar

This is really simply tutorial. Facebook fan box help you to have more fans on your facebook page.It’s very simple, and this working for every wordpress theme.When you made your facebook fan page, you need few more steps to show it on your wordpress blog.Just follow these easy steps, and you gonna to do this […]

17 wordpress sharing plugins that will increase your blog traffic

It’s hard to have too much readers on your blog without some share buttons.These buttons helps you to make your article popular on most social media websites.When your articles get popular on social media websites, your article will get a log of visitors.These are simply plugins,you don’t need previous knowledge,it’s very easy to install and […]

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