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Most Creative Infographics – Part 1

Infographics are very interesting thing. You can find something interesting just looking these amazing infographic pictures with little text. Many people love them, because they are simple, but very entertainment, and fun. Also there are many of them, and I tried to find the best ones. This post will have 3 parts, because these pictures […]

23 Rock/Metal Album Covers That Will Stun You

This article are different than our other articles.This Article don’t have connections with photoshop and computing design.All these album covers are old and they are made by some artist,not by photoshop designers.I hope you will love this article cause this is something new,somthing that you never seen before.Enjoy in this article and share it with […]

27 Simplest, Easiest Logos Which Big Internet Companies Use

These are some of the simplest logos.These logos are easy to make in photoshop,but they has something inside.These logos are logos of the most popular websites on the earth.I think it’s not necessary to link all these sites,cause every designer and every man are visiting these websites every day. You just need some good fonts, […]

Apple Friendly Pillows

The best way to have sweet Apple-filled dreams is with the iCushion. This pillow takes its design from the iPhone, with the lone design exception being that the iCushion won’t break if you try and sleep on it. The iCushion is a must-have for Apple superfans. Who wouldn’t want a squishy pillow that also doubles […]

10 Richest People Who Didn’t Finish College

Richest people in world who didn’t complete college.Most of them give up with college,but that didn’t prevent them making companies and earning millions and billions of do llars. Most known failed student,Bill Gates,today is one of the richest people in world,and right after him is super successful Steve Jobs. Bill Gates is more that one […]

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