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35 Really Creative Music Icons

I collected these music icons with goal to help you make a beautiful desktop. All of us have music, and we all have many icons for our music. These icons are regular folder icons, and they are not pretty. So in this collection i tried to collect beautifull icons, to help you make your computer […]

15 Fantastic Horor Fonts

I like unusual fonts. They are good for almost everything. These horor fonts I used in one picture, and I think they are just incredible. You should try the 14-th font, my favourite. If you want to download it, click on image to get on download site. Enjoy in this post… Picture Source 1. Fearless […]

50 Beautiful Examples Of Poppy Photography

Aren’t all these poppies beautiful? Can anyone not love them?I think none can do it cause these poppies are maybe better flowers that i see in my live.It will be better if these are wallpapers,but sorry,i couldn’t find flowers,i found only small photos,i mean they are not too small,medium size. All these poppies are made […]

30 Beautiful Sunset Photos

Hi there Readers.Another collection of photos.These are some amazing sunset photos.All photos are done by DeviantART members.As you see these are some great shotos,and i love these pictures.I imagined that i am on sunset as on second photo,and…huh…what to say except beautiful.        

30 Rivers That Will Make You Love Them

Hi there. Finally i made one post that are for everyone,not just for designers.All these rivers are real,none of these are photoshoped. They are simply beautiful and i hope you will love them.Also all these river photos i found on deviantArt.Thanks to deviantArt users for beautiful river shoots.        

34 fonts that every graphic designer must have

This is great collection of free fonts.All these fonts are freeware, so you can use it free,you don’t need to pay for it.All these fonts are published on 1001freefonts so i made small collection of fonts that graphic designers must have. 1. Almonte Woodgrain Download / Preview 2. Arnprior Download / Preview 3. Arthritis Download […]

35 Beautiful Retro Characters

Hello all readers.This is another collection of pictures from deviantART members.As you see,last days we are just making collections from deviantART members.This is some old retro characters,so you can see how characters looked in the past.                         

Most beautiful social icons sets

This is a list of my the best social icons compilation.As you see, some of them i’m using on this blog.They are really cool.When people are making their sites, it’s hard for them to choise what social icons to use because on the internet is too many beautiful social icon sets. That is a reason […]

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